Mr Scotland’s Daily Vlog 22/06/20

Monday, and it is the FINAL WEEK of P6.

This week will be a little different. Each day (Monday to Wednesday) will have a big task and a mini task. And Thursday will be our last day video call and assembly day.

I’ve left the transition tasks up from last week so you can do tweaks and finish off if you haven’t already done so.

Again my availability might be a little strange this week as I’m in hub on Wednesday and working on a few projects for the end of year, but if you send me an e-mail I will get back to you.

Big Task – Ten Star Hotel for Kids

  • You have been asked to help change a large, run down hotel into a ten star hotel for kids. This will be absolutely luxurious and fun experience for any child that comes to stay. The people running the hotel are going encourage 9-11 year olds to stay. It costs a lot of money to stay in the hotel but once a child has paid, everything inside is free.
  • Click here to access the slide with key information to help you create your Ten Star Hotel.
  • You can draw this, build it, make it, write about it. It is totally your choice.
  • Remember to share your creations of the Google Classroom stream.

Mini Task – Memories (Task from Mr Pennie)

  • Can you think of the best memory you have of your class this year. Can you please post it on this padlet, remember to include your full name and your class. Thanks! Mr Pennie

Remember to visit the virtual classroom is you need access to key tools and help. Click here.

And finally, today’s joke of the day is…

Why are ghosts bad liars?

Because you can see right through them.

Monday 22nd June

Good Morning P2,

I hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend. I cannot believe it is our last week of Primary 2 already- the year has gone by so quickly! Although you will not be in P2 next year, I am still super excited to see you all after the holidays.

This week, we are going to complete tasks from a learning grid again- please have a look in our classwork section of Google Classroom. I have also posted details of other exciting virtual events this week which I hope you enjoy.

I hope some of you can join our first Google Meet this morning at 10am, I will be posting the link very shortly on Google Classroom.


Mrs W x

Good Morning P6B!

Morning everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend.  I can’t believe it is our last week of P6 already! For the last few days I will post a wee Outdoor Learning activity each day.  I’ll also post some other tasks for those of you who like a wee bit of structure each day.  Check out Google Classroom for the details of your tasks for today:

  1. Spelling.
  2. Outdoor Learning – Senses Poster.
  3. Maths – Money Problem Solving.

Have an amazing day, take care!

Miss Bryden 🙂


Friday 19th May

Good Morning P2,

Friday again! Thank you for all the great work you have submitted this week. Miss Aitken, Miss Dryburgh and I have had an online meeting to make sure we plan as many nice activities as we can for our last week of term.

For the moment, please continue working through the learning grid on Google Classroom and remember to hand Menstrie’s Got Talent videos in today! The achievement assembly will be posted at 12pm in our classroom so please check it out!

Have a lovely weekend when it comes 🙂

Mrs W xxx



Mr Scotland’s Daily Vlog 19/06/20

Good Morning P6s. It’s FRIDAY!!!!! And it is project day today – continuing with our Google Chrome Music Maker from last week. Some fantastic music entries were posted on Google Classroom last week but most of them had something in common. They were missing ‘rests’.

Also, today launches a final (and unexpected) Stirling and Clackmannanshire Sumdog contest. Let’s see if we can beat our last score and get in the top 5.

Friday is also quiz day on the ‘Daily Call’ so get your pencil and paper ready.

Also, also, reminder that assembly will be published today at 12 so watch out for it and today’s TikTok video from me.

Music 1: Chrome Music Lab

  • Using the online tools from Chrome Music Lab, create your own melody but this time, place rests in.
  • I’ve made a little video to explain and how you should keep columns free this time. Click here.
  • Watch the help video (on Google Classroom) and remember to share your creations on the stream.

Music 2: Research your favourite music artist

  • Who is your favourite music artist? Is it an individual or a band?
  • Create a fact file about your artist and remember to include facts and images. You can use Google Classroom or create on paper.

5-a-Day Activities (Additional but recommended)

Enjoy today’s challenge. And today’s joke is…

What do you call a funny mountain?


Sumdog Competition – Running from the 19th – 25th of June

Hi everyone, Sumdog are hosting another fun competition for the schools in Clackmannanshire. Get involved by clicking on the link below. 

Click here to join the fun.


Let your class and Teacher know how you are doing on the Google Classroom stream.

As the score boards come in we will keep you up to date with your classes progress in the competition.