Last Daily Vlog from Mr Scotland in P6 25/06/20

Thursday, and your final day of P6. We’ll do one last call at 10am today.

It has been a pleasure to teach you all again and I’ve had so many great memories from this last year. My ultimate highlight (of my career I might add) was the last day we had in school in March before we closed. It was fun and emotional and the party in the playground is something I hope we can all recreate really soon.

End of Year Assembly

Watch the last day assembly with awards, songs and messages from staff. Was a pleasure to produce this end of year celebration and hope you enjoy it.

Mr Furzer has also made a video with photos from the past year and this is available on Google Classroom too.

Menstrie’s Got Talent

If you haven’t watched this already, get on Google Classroom to watch this. Its amazing.

Summer Activity Grid

I’ve worked with Miss Bryden to create a summer activity grid to keep you busy (if you wish). This is on Google Classroom too for you to download.

Swap Contacts

Keeping in touch with friends is so important so I’d also like you to use today to swap numbers and e-mails with others. Please use Google Classroom and secure e-mail for this. Also don’t post publicly as everyone can see your details. But this is a great space for you to share.

Google Classroom

I’ll keep the P6S classroom active over the summer as a space where you can chat and share your work. But you will likely see an invite to join your new class too.

And Finally…

You are all fantastic and a great team and group of friends. Not just a class.

So have a safe and happy summer but most importantly, thank you. Thank you for being an amazing class. Next year’s class has lots to live up to.


Oh… I have to finish with one last joke of the day..

Why didn’t the orange win the race?

It ran out of juice.

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