Mr Scotland’s Daily Vlog 19/06/20

Good Morning P6s. It’s FRIDAY!!!!! And it is project day today – continuing with our Google Chrome Music Maker from last week. Some fantastic music entries were posted on Google Classroom last week but most of them had something in common. They were missing ‘rests’.

Also, today launches a final (and unexpected) Stirling and Clackmannanshire Sumdog contest. Let’s see if we can beat our last score and get in the top 5.

Friday is also quiz day on the ‘Daily Call’ so get your pencil and paper ready.

Also, also, reminder that assembly will be published today at 12 so watch out for it and today’s TikTok video from me.

Music 1: Chrome Music Lab

  • Using the online tools from Chrome Music Lab, create your own melody but this time, place rests in.
  • I’ve made a little video to explain and how you should keep columns free this time. Click here.
  • Watch the help video (on Google Classroom) and remember to share your creations on the stream.

Music 2: Research your favourite music artist

  • Who is your favourite music artist? Is it an individual or a band?
  • Create a fact file about your artist and remember to include facts and images. You can use Google Classroom or create on paper.

5-a-Day Activities (Additional but recommended)

Enjoy today’s challenge. And today’s joke is…

What do you call a funny mountain?


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