Mr Scotland’s Daily Vlog 18/06/20

Good morning. Good to see so many engaging in the tasks to help with your transition into P7. Another one today. If you haven’t done the Transition tasks yet, could you please complete these as it will really help you going into P7.

Literacy – Writing (Letter Writing)

  • Write a letter to your class teacher next year. At this time we don’t know who this will be but write to tell them a little about yourself. What do you enjoy and dislike about school? Who is in your friendship group at school?
  • You can do in your snapshot jotter but I would prefer this Google Classroom so it can be used in your transition into P7. I’ll even put a template up on Google Classroom to help you.
  • You don’t need to use this template and you can add pictures, emojis and change the font/colours to show off your personality.

Numeracy – Measurement in mm PART 2

  • A mix of problems are on Google Classroom for you to solve.

Art – Transition

  • Create a piece of art with lots of pictures to tell a story about you.
  • The only writing that is allowed on this is your name in the middle.
  • Think about what you like and enjoy and draw this. So if it’s ice cream, draw ice cream. If it’s football, draw football picture. The more detail the better.
  • If you can upload this onto Google Classroom I can also forward this on to your P7 teacher when we know who it will be.

5-a-Day Activities (Additional but recommended)

And today’s joke of the day…

What kind of award did the dentist receive?

A little plaque.

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