Mr Scotland’s Daily Vlog 16/06/20

First, realised I forgot to wish Nina a Happy Birthday as it was over the weekend.  Hope you had a fab day Nina.

As this is the final week, you’ll see things get a little lighter but I’m keeping many tasks going this week. I’ve also been listening into your music creations from last Friday now and these are really cool.

Literacy Tasks – Reading Comprehension

  • Today we are continuing to look at song lyrics for our reading comprehension. Today’s it’s Rewrite the Stars. I’ve uploaded the task onto Google Classroom.
  • Click here to listen to the song.

Numeracy – Adding three digit numbers

  • Some more practice but this time they are written our horizontally. Select the best strategy for you. .

Other – Dressing Up a Sentence and Spelling

  • Dress up a boring sentence into something more exciting. This week sentence is… ‘The baby smiled’. You can complete the template on Google Classroom or do into your Snapshot jotters.
  • Spelling Lesson now in the virtual classroom. Click here to access. Complete one activity for your words.

Remember to visit the virtual classroom is you need access to key tools and help. Click here.

And finally, today’s joke of the day is…

What do you call a fake noodle?

An impasta.

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