Friday 29th May

Good Morning,

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Keep working through assigned work today, you are doing an awesome job.

If we were at ‘school’ then we would have been going to Dalguise on Monday. I’m sad that we are missing out on it. However, sign in to Google Classroom on Monday for a surprise… Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week will not be normal virtual learning. I wonder what could possibly be happening?!

Have a lovely weekend, take care and stay safe. But enjoy the sunshine ☀️ Happy Friday!

Miss C 🙂

Mr Scotland’s Daily Vlog 29/05/20

Good Morning P6s. It’s FRIDAY!!!!! Likely to be one of the hottest days of the year so try to get outside if you can and enjoy the lovely weather. Remember sun cream and hats if you are you back gardens for a while.

Friday is normally topic day but today, I’m giving you a day to finish off your buddying assignments or even make changes if you would like to improve these. To do this, click on the task and you can edit your submission and resubmit. But for those that would like a few things extra, I’m going to post some bonus tasks in the challenge section.

Friday is also quiz day on the ‘Daily Call’ so get your pencil and paper ready.

Also, also, reminder that assembly will be published today at 12 so watch out for it and today’s TikTok video from me.

Main Task: Buddying Assignments Finished

You have three assignments that have been given over the past three weeks. Had we been doing this in school I still would have given you a final day for review and tidying up so today is that day.


  • French Kahoot Quiz – Click here.
  • Household Chores Game – Adults at home will love this activity on Google Classroom
  • Create a Fraction of a whole poster summarising this week’s learning

5-a-Day Activities (Additional but recommended)

Enjoy today’s challenge. And today’s joke is…

How do you make an octopus laugh?

With ten-tickles!

Friday 29.5.20

Good Morning P2,

Wow, Friday again! Well done for all your hard work this week. I have been super impressed with the quality of work I have seen- well done! I hope you also enjoyed the quiz trail round Menstrie and managed to answer some of the questions.

Today’s work includes a competition held by Clackmannanshire Council- would be great to get some entries from Primary 2! Also remember to check out this week’s Assembly at 12 o’clock.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, stay safe and have fun!

Mrs Wilkin

Mr Scotland’s Daily Vlog 28/05/20

Good Morning P6s.

Make sure you are enjoying this weather as well as being online for learning at home. It’s all about balance. Remember to keep in touch online and let me know if you are needing anything.

Now with the weather being so good, why not use this as an opportunity to make an outside den in your garden. I’ve given you the inspiration from IKEA but you can use any old blankets and cushions to make your own wee den.

Literacy – Writing (If I were in charge for a day)

  • You are going to be writing a piece titled… “If I were in charge”. This follows on from the discussions and work we have done around democracy online. Don’t worry if you haven’t done this as I’m sure you’ll still have plenty of ideas.
  • What would be your first change and why? How would it impact people and would there be losers as well as winners? How are people feeling. Then pick two or three other key things you would change and remember to say why you would want to change things.
  • You can give me some fun answers in there as well but keep thinking about what the impact would be.
  • You can do in your snapshot jotter or type up on Google Classroom and remember your writing targets (pick one to work on)


  • Final mix of fraction problems have been seen on Google Classroom. I’ve moved on a little here with some addition with the same denominator. I’ll move on learning next week into fraction of numbers but a good understanding here is key.
  • Reminder that on Sumdog, I’ve set a challenge of 50 questions on ‘Adding and subtracting fractions within a whole (like denominators). Again more revision and will be useful for us moving on learning.

Art – Picasso Inspired

  • Final week on Picasso. This week keep with the straight lines and angles for your masterpiece. But this week it is a SELF PORTRAIT.
  • You could use a mirror to help you here.
  • Submitted entries can be used for your buddy training to show some of the work you have been doing.
  • Finally, if you haven’t already, watch the video again (or if you missed last week) on how you can make your own Picasso inspired art. Click here.

5-a-Day Activities (Additional but recommended)

Remember, if you need anything from me or the school, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Today’s joke of the day is…

Why can’t Elsa from Frozen ever have a balloon?

Because she will just ”let it go… let it go…”

The Community Quiz Trail MAP REVEAL

Teachers have hidden quiz questions all over Menstrie. Look out for these posters while you are out on your walks around the community. There are 10 stations, each with three questions (one for P1-2s, P3-4’s, P5-7’s) as well as a code letter so you can decode the special word.

Remember social distancing of 2 metres and stay safe when crossing roads.

Here is a map to help you find any you have missed. Quiz Trail Map

Here’s a brief video with some of the teacher’s hiding the stations while keeping their 2m distance and taking care crossing the roads on Thursday evening.

You can write your answers down on scrap paper, on your phone or you can download and print the Quiz Trail Answer Sheet.

Good luck and enjoy.


Hello Mrs Simpson and P3!

I just wanted to drop a message on your blog to say hello. I can’t believe it’s nearly June and we’ve been at Virtual Menstrie Primary  for 8 weeks! It seems a long time ago I was teaching in your class for those last few days in the school. It’s amazing how everyone is keeping busy and making the most of this strange situation.

Keep learning, keep safe and keep having fun and enjoying time with your family.

Mrs Wright