Mr Scotland’s Daily Vlog 30/04/20

Good Morning P6s.

Reminder that tomorrow is in service day and the teachers will be working on other activities. So it’s a day off for you. You can still log in and complete work or do challenges if you wish.

But with it being a long weekend, and rain forecast, why not get comfy inside watching some Sci-Fi movies. Here’s a link to the BFI with 10 family friendly Sci-Fi movies.  (Star Wars, ET, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Flight of the Navigator, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Jurassic Park and more). Plus I’d like to add Star Trek, Wall-E, Men in Black and Close Encounters of a Third Kind. Some are PGs so always make sure you have parental permission before watching.

Literacy – Writing (SCI-FI Stories)

  • Continuing the Sci-FI genre for our writing. Still looking that ‘something different’ in it. You can watch this video again from last week to help you.
  • Your writing hook is… The alien you created on Monday’s task comes to take you away on their ship. What does this ship look like. I want lots of description. I’ve given you a starter sentence too on Google Classroom. If you didn’t do Monday’s task you can still give this a go.
  • Please split into sections. Maybe..
    • Alien arrives and how I feel. What does the ship look like from the outside? Where does it land?
    • Alien takes me inside the ship. Describe what you see. Unusual things. Or other creatures on board.
    • Where do you go? Do you get home safely?
  • You can do in your snapshot or type up on Google Classroom and remember your writing targets. I would like you to pick one to work on.


  • We are continuing learning on Budgeting – PART 2. Some on the call asked for help yesterday and was able to use a whiteboard to help. This is tricky without the discussion but we can see how we get on.

Science – The Solar System (Science FACTS not FICTION)

  • We are learning about the components of space crafts. You are challenged to build or draw a space craft but showing off the key components (parts).
  • It must have… a Container, Power source, Instruments, Communication (How it sends messages back to us), Orientation finder (a part of the spacecraft that helps guide it through space).
  • You can either build this or draw and annotate one. All pictures welcome on this challenge.

5-a-Day Activities (Additional but recommended)

Today’s joke of the day is…

What falls in winter but never gets hurt?


Thursday 30th April 2020

Hello P2!

I hope you really enjoyed your dancing yesterday afternoon- it is important for us to stay as active as possible when at home. I have posted a little picture of me dancing to Go Noodle on our Google Classroom.  Remember, tomorrow is an inservice day for teachers so pupils have a wee holiday. I hope you all have a lovely long weekend- stay healthy, safe and happy.

Please head over to Google Classroom for today’s tasks.

Mrs W x

Mr Scotland’s Daily Vlog 29/04/20

Good Morning P6s!

Our daily calls are going well and great to just get you chatting and you can also tell me if you are stuck with something.

Mid-week so it’s time for some fun. I’ve set you a Kahoot Challenge all about money. Click here.

Literacy – Novel Study

  • We continue our Novel Study on… The Day We Met the Queen by Onjali Q Rauf. There’s two parts to this. Watch and listen to chapter 4 then, a task. Click here to listen to the chapter.
  • Task is to become ‘clarifiers’. Clarify what these key words or phrases mean. You can do this task in your snapshot jotter or on the Google Classroom assignment.
    • Entire (p38)
    • Back-up plan (p41)
    • Spruced (p42)
    • Childish prank (p46)
    • Neutral (47)

Numeracy – Money, Money, Money

  • Looking at budgeting and getting good value for money. Section 7.2 Part 1 is up on Google Classroom. I’ve tweaked this a little to get you thinking and talking to people at home.
  • If you have limited internet access today, try asking adults at home how they budget and plan their money out. How do they plan for food shopping etc?

French – La chenille qui avait très faim (The Hungry Caterpillar)

  • We are writing and reading in French. Using the story of the Hungry Caterpillar to help us again. The story is on Google Classroom and here is a link to watch it on YouTube.
  • Using the slides and Youtube video, create your own story of the caterpillar in your snapshot jotter or make a little French book. Why not try creating a comic book strip? Your story should have French words included in it. You could annotate the pictures with the words you know. The work you did last week on the key vocabulary will help you.

5-a-Day Activities (Additional but recommended)

Remember to click ‘Hand In’ on Google Classrooms and keep checking your e-mails. Keep relaxing too and helping out around the home.

And finally, today’s joke of the day is…

What animal is always at a baseball game?

A bat.

LingoBox Learning – Learning French


Bonjour à tous, j’espère que vous allez bien.
Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. 


I have found an exciting new language resource for you to try. Linked below is a YouTube channel called LingoBox Learning. 

You will find a 0 – 100 counting challenge. 

Starting with 0 – 10

Check it out on Youtube
(or adults if you wish you can like it on Facebook)

Also here is a link to some fun activities and games to help you practice saying, reading and writing your numbers. 

Number Challenge Sheet 

Have a go and send in examples of things you have tried using photos or videos to the blog, to your teacher or the school email

Au revoir