Mr Scotland’s Vlog 31/03/20

Good Morning P6s. Day 2 of Health week. Loved hearing from everyone on suggestions to keep fit in the house. I’ve just finished Body Combat in the living room to I’ll share a link to some similar fitness videos for you to try ..but it is also an important day for someone in P6S.


Best wishes from Mr Scotland and I hope you have a fantastic day with your mum, dad and sister.

So I have read through the writing that was submitted to me online and have given feedback. Two big things for everyone is 1. Organise your ideas into paragraphs and 2. Everyone should focus on using a range of exciting sentence openers.

Marking work – as I give until Sunday and they start a fresh for the new week, I spent time on Monday going through lots and typing comments. I did comment on a few that nothing was attached/wasn’t handed in and now realise this must have panicked some people. Please do what you can and do not worry about work at home. It’s a tricky time right now and I now households are busy right now. But please let me know if you need help. We’re all learning here.

Anyway, on to today’s learning…

Literacy – Reading comprehension

  • All about Ruby’s favourite… Ed Sheeran. Click here to launch Twinkl Go. Then click log in. At the log in, enter the code KS3750. You might want to write this down on scrap paper first. When you log in, you will be asked the difficulty level of one, two or three stars. If you have been doing projects for me in class recently, select three stars. Everyone else, I’ll let you self-select your challenge.
  • If you have limited internet access today, I would like you to read a few pages of a book of your choice and become ‘Question Masters’. Make a mini quiz of 6 questions and answers in your snapshot jotter.


  • We are learning to use pie charts. So I’ve set part 2 of the challenge on Google Classroom based on the Textbooks we use. Some of you are finding this tricky and others easy but please drop me an e-mail if there’s any parts that are hard so I can try to help you.
  • Reminder that the graph challenge on Sumdog is live all week. Just log in to play.

Health Week – Today’s Focus Task

  • How many NOC’s can you find that start with the following letters? OLYMPICS. Miss Johnston has posted the task on Google Classroom under her section. Use this Padlet to help find the answers.
  • If you have limited internet access today (or maybe you want this extra challenge) I’d like you to make up a sporty challenge everyone could do in their own homes. You can post your suggestion below or on Google Classroom.

5-a-Day Activities (Additional but recommended)

Finally, if you haven’t joined the P6S playground Google Classroom, join it please as it is a space for fun and chat with no work.

Have a good day and remember to check your e-mails regularly too.

Today’s joke of the day is…

When you look for something, why is it always in the last place you look?

Because when you find it, you stop looking.

Tuesday 31st March

Day 2 of Health Week!

Keep working through assigned work on Google Classroom and remember to hand the work in so I can give some feedback.

Health Week work was posted yesterday from Miss Johnston and Mr Furzer. Have a look at these activities. If you want to do them on paper/ in a jotter then that is no problem. You could maybe email me a picture of your work.

I am going to go on a walk later on today (as long as it doesn’t start raining). Remember to take regular breaks from virtual learning!

Enjoy your day!

Miss C 🙂

P.S- I hope you liked my Vlog. I enjoyed making it so will do another one at some point this week!

Good Morning P6B!

Morning everyone!  Check out Google Classroom for your three tasks today:

  1. Read the Easter Story on the attached PowerPoint.
  2. Complete the Easter Story Reading Comprehension Activity.
  3. Listen to the final chapters of the Matilda audiobook and then complete a Book Review.

Remember to look at the Health Week activities that Miss Johnston has attached for you too.

Have a great day!

Miss Bryden

Tuesday Morning Blog Post 31.3.20

Good morning all,

Hope you all had a good day yesterday and enjoyed the first day of our at home health week! I did some yoga in the morning then a Joe Wicks video in the afternoon.

For our work today, please continue to follow this week’s plan (sent home and posted on blog and Google Classroom yesterday). I also posted a Health Week bingo activity yesterday which has some great ideas.

Another few little ideas:

-Continue to practise writing your first name and surname in your neatest handwriting (some surnames are quite tricky!). If you have mastered this, try writing your address!

-While on a walk/in the garden, point out some different items and say what colour they are in French.

-Have a look at some of the great activities Miss Johnston posted on Google Classroom.

Have a great day (and remember to get planning a fitness circuit for me to do!)

Mrs Wilkin x



Tuesday the 31st of March – Let’s continue with Health Week :)


So far I have been so impressed with P4’s enthusiasm to learn and be part of our new virtual journey together. Go on to google classroom to see a sneak peak of some of the fantastic pieces of work and snaps I was given over the first week of Home Learning the Menstrie Way 🙂

Day two of Health Week at home begins now 🙂 Head to Google classroom where I have posted Tuesdays assignment. Have fun 🙂 

A Note To All Pupils and Adults: All this learning at home is new to us all. I am trying my best to make tasks clear, accessible and easy to follow so pupils can complete tasks independently.
I also want to say that I am aware that not everyone will have access to computers or tech, that adults will also be working and that you may have more then one child in the house trying to do work.
Please do what is best for you and your family, this will look differently in each house. If you need help or have questions about the work I am sending please let me know.

Please keep me posted with your progress each day. Already a good few of you have shared photos and work, so please continue to do so, I am loving seeing everyone’s work. 🙂 You will be able to edit your assignments all week before handing it in so you can comment and do work on this or let me know you did it in your Snap shot jotter.

Any questions please write on our google classroom wall or the class blog on the Menstrie website. Alternatively Adults please Email the school at, this will be passed onto me.

Tuesday Choices

Morning everyone 🙂 !

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Welcome to day 2 of Health Week. How are we getting on with our learning this week? Who has tried out Miss Johnston’s activities. I liked the one where we got to post about our favourite athletes and Olympic sports.

Today’s Tuesday Choices-  I’d like you to listen to this  radio channel and try contribute to the activity and there is also an 8 times table challenge for you.

As well as all of the choices of the Health Week tasks. Did anyone see Jack and his brother doing the ‘create your own obstacle course’ yesterday? There is also an origami task and science task on the padlet from the weekly plan. Can you find it?

What did you complete yesterday? What did you enjoy? Leave a comment  or send photos too.

5 a day activities ( additional but recommended)

Read a book for 15 mins
Joe Wicks PE 9am daily
Watch today’s Newsround
Extra Challenges

Oti Mabuse dance class 11:30am daily via FB or Youtube.

Have fun 🙂

Miss Garner