A ‘World Premier’ for P6

Today, we were lucky enough to be joined by members of staff from the National Wallace Monument.

They came in to tell us all about the renovations which are currently happening at the monument which look very exciting. I’ll certainly be visiting soon!

Aside from telling us about the renovations and sharing some information about the monument, we were also given a ‘world premier’ of a new digital exhibit which is going to be installed in the monument.

We were the first members of the public to use these new devices and we really enjoyed the experience.

Thank you to the staff from the monument for providing us with a great experience to finish off our Scottish Wars of Independence topic.





Today, our WOW Travel Monitors have been really busy.

They have designed and created their own display area within the school and presented awards to the winners of the design a badge competition at assembly.


Well done the member of our class who came second as well!



Mr Scott


Music Topic

P4 started our topic this week looking at a variety of music styles and the impact music can make to our lives.

We watched the info of Jurassic Oark without music and then with music to see how music can make emotion and get us excited.

We have also asked parents for their suggestions on the music that ‘kids need to know’ as part of their education. Already there are some great suggestions coming in.

Weekly Update 21/2/19

Welcome to our new class blog. I hope you find this much easier to find now that it is part of the main school website.

I will try to update this weekly with things that have been happening in class.

Everyone seems refreshed after the February holiday which is just as well as it has been a busy week this week.

We have started to prepare for the school show and some auditions have already taken place.

We are rounding off our fractions learning in numeracy but we will always re-visit this.

We have finished reading the novel “Wonder” together. The pupils have really enjoyed this and we have had a lot of good discussion around some of the issues raised. We will watch the film to allow us to compare the two different types of media.

We are beginning to think about our class assembly which will take place on Friday 15th March. The assembly will be on the topic of Red Nose Day (noses arriving soon!). Any fundraising ideas then please get in touch.

We are starting to round off our Scottish Wars of Independence topic. We created some drama performances to show what we have been learning. This was a great way to bring together all of our knowledge of the topic!

We will soon be working on a music project within class. This is something I am really excited about with some fantastic learning opportunities planned.


As ever, please get in touch if you have any questions.


Mr Scott