Alva Primary School VR Project; Can You Help?



Currently, Alva Primary is in the preliminary stages of applying forour Digital School award. This award is a ratification of how weuse technology in our learning and teaching and the skills wedevelop in our young people.

As part of this, we are looking to expand our current array of ICTresources. As such, we are looking for your help;

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just past, and with Christmason the horizon, we’re sure that there are many people in the Alvacommunity who have upgraded their smartphones to newermodels.

If you are one of these people, we’d like to ask you to donate yourold smartphone and charger to the school. Your old smartphoneswill be installed into harnesses we plan to purchase, that will turnthem into Virtual Reality headsets. These VR headsets will allow usto deliver interactive, inspirational learning experiences for ouryoung people that will develop their skills over a wide variety ofsubject areas.

Thanks in lieu of your support.

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