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adding prezi

Today we had a ton of fun trying to get a prezi account for everyone.  Opted for the edu enjoy account offered by Prezi; 500mb, no watermark and you can make the prezi private or invite others in.  We thought we

might like to make our own after watching some of the getting started prezis but we ran out of time!  I really must pace my teaching and  learning better, it is too easy to let enthusiasm move things along too quickly.  The class I was working with were definitely keen to make one of their own though and seem enthused by the possibilities.  I have had a wee play with trying to embed in a glow blog but I’m not having much success.  Best solution so far is just to add a link for the prezi you want to show.

Starting Glow Blogs

Today I gave over a few hours of computer suite time to get all of p6/7 set up with their own blog.  After a few network and password issues we seem to have been reasonably successful.

Before we went to the computer suite I gave out preprepared cards with each pupils glow login and given password.  We then discussed the requirements for a new Glow password and gave the children time to think about what they wanted and then they wrote it down on their card.  This meant they had all the information they needed directly to hand.  Of course when 25 children all tried to login to Glow and change their password all at the same time our network went phut so we needed a slightly more considered approach.  Over the course of the rest of the day we got everyone logged in, password changed, blog webpart added to their My Glow and a beginning of their first blog posts as well as a discussion about the purpose of their blog ie as an extension of their learning log and a chance to reflect on their learning.

Feeling pretty tired now though, only a “Meet the Teacher” night to go before I get home!

Getting Back into Teaching

Had a very busy couple of days in Clackmannan Primary since my return from LTS where I was a Development Officer for the Consolarium.  One of the jobs I had to undertake as part of that remit was to help keep the Consolarium Blog up to date.  I found this a really valuable exercise as it forced me into evaluating the work I had been doing really closely and provided regular opportunities for me to step back and see the impact it had been having – and this is something I really wanted to develop on my return to school.

I have had all the Glow accounts for pupils provisioned and I should have admin rights for the school site by the end of the week so will be able to make a start on building our school Glow community pretty soon after that.

A car we made with a net from Purplemash.com

I have a teaching commitment of two and a half days a week this year teaching p7, p6/7 and p2/3 so I am using this opportunity to get some practice embedded and to look at promoting this across the whole school.  This term I intend to get the following things up and running

p7 – a range of presentation tools including moviemaker and prezi

p6/7 – introduce blogging and get all children working on their own blog

p2/3 – using some elements of purplemash that have been provisioned and are freely available through Glow

I will blog about the progress we make regularly – promise!


The cry of the primary schoolA Big Boy Did It And Ran Away !
Big plans this session to get our p6/7 pupils up and running with personal blogs and a class blog set up for at least two classes. I will be using this blog to stay at least two steps ahead – hopefully.

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