Welcome Back!

This week is our first week back at school after the Easter holiday. We all had a good two weeks off but we are glad to be back!

This term our R.M.E topic is Islam.  In handwriting, on Tuesday, we wrote about what Muslims believe in.  In our R.M.E jottors we  designed a front cover to signify our new theme.  Here is what we wrote: 

  • A Muslim is someone who follows the  religion of Islam.  Muslims believe in the oneness of God (Allah in Arabic). They honour Mu-hammed as the prophet of Allah and messenger of Islam. There are several groups of Muslims and they each have slightly different beliefs. The biggest groups are Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims.

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  • I love listening about Muslims and Islam because it is so interesting!

  • Miss Samson and P3S

    Thank you very much for leaving a comment on our blog, we thought it was amazing of you to do so! We have been looking on your blog and we have found some very interesting information! We think it’s pretty cool that you get to keep fish in your class, what are the names of your new fish?

    We hope you enjoy learning about Islam, you have taught us a couple of things about the religion in this post that we didn’t already know. This term we are learning all about Scottish Nature, we hope by looking at our blog you will learn something about Scottish Nature too!

    We were wondering, in your class is it the pupils that write on your blog? We write ours as a whole class.

    Thank you very much!
    Primary 3S

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