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Our topic for the BBC school report is the Zihka virus which is a virus that affects new-born babies. There are six people in our group and we have interviewed three students who had a general amount of knowledge about the virus and we also got some teachers such as biology and geography teachers who knew a lot about the virus. We have learnt a lot about the virus doing this and really enjoyed doing it.



Hello everybody, we are the mighty midgets and in the last few weeks we have been speaking to fellow members of the school including pupils and janitors. We asked them if they thought there was an issue with litter at The Gordon Schools and if so – their opinion on how we could help prevent it.

New £1 Coin – Reporter’s World

A new twelve sided one pound coin due to be unveiled today 19/3/15 designed by 15 year old David Pearce.

The new coin will have the four symbols of the UK- the Rose-England, The Leek-Wales, the Thistle-Scotland and the Shamrock-Northern Ireland-The Royal Mint stated that the new pound coin will be the most secure coin in the world, with its twelve sides, two metals and embedded anti-counterfeiting technology-adapted from banknotes for the first time, all of this making it very difficult to replicate.