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Which Tractor?

Tractors are used by thousands of farmers every day farming would be really hard without tractors especially. Farmers rely on tractors for a lot of work. When it comes to buying tractors it can be quite a difficult decision.

Personally I think John Deere tractors are the best because they are a great running tractor and usually never break down but when they do it’s not hard to fix and doesn’t take much effort.

Out of the John Deere series I think the 6R series are the best and are the smartest because they have fitted satellite steering so not much work needs to be done by the driver.

I like the John Deere 6215R the most and is the newest of the 6R series. I also like John Deere 5G series because they are a good small compact tractor for getting into places that bigger tractors cannot fit, however they can still pull quite a bit of weight and can still do the same jobs as any other tractor but cannot  use as bigger machinery.

By Charlie

Solar Eclipse March 2015


In Aberdeen it will be a partial solar eclipse, the duration of the eclipse is supposed to last 2 hours and 13 minutes. A partial solar eclipse happens when the moon comes between the sun and the earth, but they don’t align in a perfect straight line. Taking pictures on your phone or cameras can be dangerous and you can end up getting burns at the back of your eye.

With cloud coming in from northwest and southeast, the silver of clearer skies is expected to run across the central swathe of England and wales. If you are lucky enough to see it, it starts at 8:33am and finishes at 10:46 the maximum time is at 9:38am on the 20th of March 2015 (the time it starts) it’s one in a lifetime chance if you’re able to see it.

We asked Mr. McIntosh a science teacher at The Gordon Schools a couple of questions we asked what is the safe way to watch an eclipse? He replied “If you’re organized you can buy solar eclipse shades but if you can’t get that, then get a bit of card poke a hole in the card with a pencil and get another bit of card and it will cast a shadow the card is cheap I like that”.

Then we asked if he’d ever seen an eclipse before? He replied “Yes august the 11th 1999 I was on a motorway”

Finally we asked what he thought about the eclipse. He replied “It’s amazing you should see once in your lifetime, if you don’t see it tomorrow you can see it again in 2096”.

Reported by Team Falcon  (Sam, Beth, Stephanie and Lucy R)

Vanishing bees around the world – honeybees might be growing up too fast

Honeybee deaths are unbelievably high. This is because of Colony Collapse Disorder, a strange disease that can turn a healthy hive into a ghost town.

New research reveals that a “major factor” which can speed up a colony’s downfall are baby bees growing up too fast.

When CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) hits a hive, it kills off the adult bees, leaving the baby bees to pick up the work.

Researchers found that bees who start foraging at younger ages complete fewer foraging trips than older bees, and were more likely to die on their first flight.

“This compound stresses on the colony and accelerates failure,” the researchers write.

Bees are an indicator is environmental quality, when the bees are dying, some thing’s wrong.

By Sam