Our News Day 2015 As It Happened

3:50pm – News day is done! A huge well done to all of our BBC School Reporters!

3:14pm – Finished reports are coming in thick and fast, Miss A can barely keep up with all the files and uploads.

2:48pm – Team View Point have completed and uploaded their report on parks in and around Huntly.

2:44pm – Mrs Grant comes to see what our reporters are working on.

2:28pm – Team Falcon have just finished editing their report on Deveron Arts, standing by for upload.

2:21pm – Jack, Robert and Owen have formed a new team to report on the rugby tournament TGS participated in yesterday.

2:03pm – Team MC Newsflash have completed their video report on Huntly FC

2:02pm – Reporters are back, last minute filming is still taking place and everyone is racing to finish editing their films.

1:37pm – Miss Abercrombie begins uploading the first few videos to the TGS YouTube account.

1:01pm – Teams break for lunch with two teams finished their video reports and many more in the final stages of editing.

12.30pm – Team MC Newsflash look likely to be the first team to complete their video report on Huntly FC.

11:39am – Team TEC have returned from interviewing Mr Rowand about his opinions on the Mars One project and are busy editing.


11:26am – We are joined by some of Mrs Sangster’s S3 class who are sharing their work on The Gordon Grapevine a newspaper created from their work on the book The Wave by Morton Rhue.

11:20am – Team Falcon head out to Deveron Arts to speak with artists and organisers while Team Phoenix make for the square to collect vox pops for their report on TGS pupils lunchtime shopping habits in the local town.

11:15am – Teams return for period 3 and 4, things are getting more intense as our lunchtime filming deadline approaches.


10:55am – Our teams pause for break.

10:41am – Team Falcon are the first team to finish a report. Their first report is a text report on the eclipse featuring a brief interview with science teacher Mr McIntosh. Read it here.


10:32am – Team MC Newsflash return from a successful filming session at Christie Park after using their journalistic negotiating skills and initiative to gain rightful access to the park which seemed impossible this morning.


10:29am – Magnus tells Lennon about the most famous garden in the world The Alhambra  Gardens.


10:27am – Team Falcon prepare their text story on the imminent eclipse.


10:24am – Team Viewpoint get their script ready for filming at the local Cooper Park.


9.22am – Mrs Emslie comes to wish her Gordon pupils luck with

9.20am – Reporters dispersed around school and local area to collect footage for their reports.

9.15am – Reporters are given their BBC School Report Press Passes.

9.05am – Period one bell rings and out reporters gather in the News Room to begin their day of BBC School Reporting.

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