TGS Win Rugby Tournament

Yesterday The Gordon Schools travelled to Aberdeen to compete in a rugby tournament against Westhill and Elgin. A solid team of .. boys travelled to the.. pitches and gave it their all.

TGS’S first match was against Westhill, the boys managed to pull of a great result ending in a 18-4 victory.

We asked Martin, a key player from yesterdays team how he thought the team and himself played in the first match, “I expected Westhill to be pretty hard because our squad is a union team and their  used to playing league. I think I played alright for not playing rugby league ever in my life and its fun but I think I could of done a little better.”

The team made it in to the final in which they played against Turriff,  it was a close game for the first half the score 4-4 but in the second half Turriff couldn’t contain TGS as they cruised to 32-4 win.

Coach A. Sutcliffe was very impressed with the teams performance throughout the day and said it was good team performance although he did mention Martin, Lewis, Roddy and Yanick as being stand out players.


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New £1 Coin – Reporter’s World

A new twelve sided one pound coin due to be unveiled today 19/3/15 designed by 15 year old David Pearce.

The new coin will have the four symbols of the UK- the Rose-England, The Leek-Wales, the Thistle-Scotland and the Shamrock-Northern Ireland-The Royal Mint stated that the new pound coin will be the most secure coin in the world, with its twelve sides, two metals and embedded anti-counterfeiting technology-adapted from banknotes for the first time, all of this making it very difficult to replicate.


Which Tractor?

Tractors are used by thousands of farmers every day farming would be really hard without tractors especially. Farmers rely on tractors for a lot of work. When it comes to buying tractors it can be quite a difficult decision.

Personally I think John Deere tractors are the best because they are a great running tractor and usually never break down but when they do it’s not hard to fix and doesn’t take much effort.

Out of the John Deere series I think the 6R series are the best and are the smartest because they have fitted satellite steering so not much work needs to be done by the driver.

I like the John Deere 6215R the most and is the newest of the 6R series. I also like John Deere 5G series because they are a good small compact tractor for getting into places that bigger tractors cannot fit, however they can still pull quite a bit of weight and can still do the same jobs as any other tractor but cannot  use as bigger machinery.

By Charlie