BBC School Report Computing Challenge

As well as taking part in BBC School Report our reporters have decided to take on the BBC School Report Computing Challenge.

The Challenge incorporates some of the tasks which are completed on a daily basis at the BBC and utilises computing skills. Reporters tackle different computing tasks and receive custom-made badges for our School Report websites every time they complete a task.

In order to complete these challenges we have asked Mrs Allan’s S3 computing whizz kids to help us out they are hard at work programming robots for Challenge Four and we’ll be reporting on their work in the coming weeks.

The challenges are as follows:

CHALLENGE ONE The first challenge will open up students’ digital creativity as they will be tasked with designing their School Report webpage.


CHALLENGE TWO Many news stories are based on survey results and so our second challenge allows students to use their journalistic skills to report on the use and impact of technology.


CHALLENGE THREE Our third challenge gives students the chance to get coding by figuring out the workings of their website and adding some dynamic content.

Status: Pending

CHALLENGE FOUR The final challenge requires students to use computational thinking to solve a real-world problem or issue.

Status: Pending


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