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Autumn tree
Autumn tree

The Nursery- They have been learning all about Autumn as that is their topic. They have made a big Autumn tree with brown leaves. They are going to Macduff Aquarium on the 7th of October 2016.

Primary 1- They learnt about the harvest and how farmers harvest the crops; for example wheat.  The farmers then use wheat to make bread and other foods such as cupcakes . They also learnt about hedgehogs and that their babies are called piglets. They also all made clay models  as well

Primary 2- Primary 2 were learning about their scenes and to help them learn they did a smell and taste test and also how things feel .

Primary 3 – Primary 3 learned about  identifying mini beasts and the food chain and they also did spider poems and made the life cycle of the butterfly’s.

Primary 4 – Primary 4 learned about the 3D shapes  and drew daffodils

Primary 5 -Primary 5 learned about honesty and to see if they had archived their goals for this yea.r they also learned about the Tour de France.

Primary 6- Primary 6 were learning about  growth mindset and made a Yoda wall display to show what they had .They also made wands  and glitter potion  .

Primary 7 – As they were reading Skellig , they decided to draw and paint the main characters and settings . Primary 7 finally finished bike ability after they had done the theory biking test . They created a Lego scene in groups and then made a stories poster . After the Macmillan coffee afternoon they raised over an astonishing £500!! They would like to thank everyone who  came once more for helping us raise all that money.

Enhanced Provision pupils have been learning about the Rio Olympics so wrote some letters. They also went horse riding.


P6P Marble Run

For their homework, P6P made marble runs using their knowledge from their science project on forces and friction.  They had to use friction, gradient and gravitational force to ensure that the marbles rolled through the course.   The marble run was made with recyclable materials.

On Tuesday 4 October we displayed them to P6S and P7S.  There were bronze, silver and gold prizes awarded following a vote in the following categories: the most creative marble run, the most ambitious marble run and the most imaginative name.

Special thanks to parents for their help with this project.  It was really fun to make and exciting to try 🙂