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P1: They made delicious apple crumble with the apples they collected from our garden,  they also made pictures of their pets and were also looking at signs of autumn img_0656

P2: The P2’s were lucky enough to have Cara’s Mum who is a  scientist/doctor in to visit them.They also learned about sound waves and made a telephone out of paper cups.As well as these things they  learned about camouflage and senses.img_0669

P3: P3’s made mini beast bar-charts and looked at 3D
shapes they also are reading Matilda for a class novel. img_0659

P4: They are reading the BFG  (class novel)they made portraits of Briton, they made landmarks.They will be making dream catchers


P5: They have been doing bikeabilty level 1 as well as making towers of newspaper and did pointillism (pictures with dots)img_0667img_0666

P6: Because of their project being Harry Potter they have created potions(potion includes – milk, golden syrup, water and vegetable oil)They also did big writing about a ‘Dark and Gloomy Night’



img_0672<——– potion



P7: the P7s have been preparing to cycle up Bennachie and have “enjoyed”angles in mathematics



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Made by P7’s

(sorry for using  ‘they’ so much as an opener )

A busy few weeks . . . .

We have had a tremendous start to the year with our ‘I Bike’ initiative.  The school now has a fantastic bike shelter over the bike racks which is a lovely blue colour; as voted for by our pupils.  We have had regular Bike Breakfasts this term for pupils that have walked, cycled or scooted to school and it is great to see so many getting to school in a healthy way each day.

Parents had the opportunity to join us on Friday for our Macmillan Coffee Afternoon.  P7 pupils organised this event and raised over £500 for this fantastic cause – well done.

Throughout the school our pupils have been working hard since returning to school.  They have engaged with thinking about values – so far we have looked at Friendship and Honesty.  Every class is completing work related to these values and this will continue over the year.

In every class pupils have been learning French as part of the 1 + 2 initiative which has been rolled out across Scotland.  We have a ‘Word of the Week’ which pupils should know!