Welcome to The Gordon Schools. We are excited to meet you all. We are still hoping to meet with you before August but are aware that things are not really going to plan for anyone at the moment.

We wanted to let you know that we have not forgotten about you and we are hoping that we can give you some information through this blog and answer any questions that you might have about moving to The Gordon Schools.

There is currently 119 pupils startingin S1 in August 2020 from our feeder primaries.

These primaries include:

Aberchirder Primary School

Cairney Primary School

Clatt Primary School

Drumblade Primary School

Fisherford Primary School

Forgue Primary School

Gartly Primary School

Glass Primary School

Gordon Primary School

Insch Primary School

Kennethmont Primary School

Largue Primary School

Premnay Primary School

Rhynie Primary School

Rothiemay Primary School

Towie Primary School


Tasks – Getting To Know You Passport To Secondary School

In the meantime, we will be setting you some tasks, here is the first one to get you started.  They will build up into a passport that will be useful for us to get to know you.  If you find it tricky to complete the  form online, you can print it out or you can draw your own.

You can email your completed passport to Ms Stewart:

transition passport task 1



Help – If you have a question that you would like someone to answer for you, click on the link below and fill out the form.