The School Day



School  starts every day at 8:55am.

There is a warning bell that sounds at 8.50am and this indicates that you should make your way to class for the beginning of class.

Registration is very important as it is often the place where you will receive vital information such as reports, permission forms, timetables and so on – as well as being the place where the daily notices are shared.

If you are late into school you MUST sign in at reception.



TGS School Day
Warning bell rings at 8.50am
Registration 8.55am 9.05am
Period 1 9.05am 10.05am
Period 2 10.05am 10.55am
Break 10.55am 11.15am

Warning bell rings at 11.10am

Period 3 11.15am 12.05pm
Period 4 12.05pm 1.00pm
Lunch 1.00pm 2.00pm

Warning bell rings at 1.55pm

Period 5 2.00pm 2.50pm
Period 6 2.50pm 3.45pm