Science Faculty


Challenge 1

Find out about a Scottish scientist, engineer, inventor or doctor whose discovery or invention has changed the world. Prepare a two minute talk, to tell the class about this person.

The sheet gives you more information on the sorts of things to include, and lots of suggestions of possible scientists to choose. It would be great if everyone could have a go at this 😊

Here are some of web links to get you started:


Challenge 2

Explore these websites to find out about the huge number of careers linked to Science. There may be some which surprise you!


Explore the role of Chemistry in real life through these short videos and stories of the careers of real people.

Faces of Chemistry videos

To view the RSC resources you will be asked to register. The RSC, Royal Society of Chemistry is a national professional organisation and registering will give you access to lots of science resources. In registering you will be asked for a first and last name, and an e-mail address. I would suggest you put in your glow e-mail address.


Challenge 3


If you fancy trying some experiments at home, there are lots of suggestions on the internet – just search something like “science experiments to do at home”. What you can try will depend on what you have access to at home. If you do want to try any experiments, it is always important to assess the RISK first, and take any necessary PRECAUTIONS. You will learn more about this when you start doing practical work in school.

e.g. if the experiment involves heating something, you need to think about how you can do this safely, making sure you don’t try to touch or move something hot (including boiling water) and know what to do if something goes wrong. Always check with an adult before you try anything and have someone on hand to help.

If you do try some experiments, why not take a picture or make some notes to share with your teacher and class in August?



The Gordon Schools’ Dress Code

We believe how our pupils dress is important and that wearing the school dress code brings a positive approach to school ethos. We encourage all pupils to be smart in appearance by following and wearing the school dress code each and every day.

Uniform expectations at The Gordon Schools

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– Black or white polo shirt with or without school crest

– Black or white shirt/blouse

– Tie ( optional )

– Black v neck jumper/sweatshirt/cardigan with school crest

– Black blazer with school crest

– Dark coloured shoes or trainers

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One of our S2 pupils modelling our school uniform.