NASSA Basketball

On the 24th of January 11 pupils from S1 and S2 went to Fraserburgh to compete in the NASSA basketball tournament. There was an S2 team and an S1 team who competed against other teams in their age group from other schools. The S1 came 1st in their group but when they played against the Fraserburgh A Team, they lost. This meant they were second overall. The S2 team came forth in their group! The team went with Mr. Emslie and Miss Coffey and had a great time.   It was a great experience for all of us. 

Written By Skye Sangster S1 


One of the lunchtime groups that we have within TGS is Erasmus, it is a medium sized group devoted to reducing the amount of plastics that are used within the school facility. It is led by a Modern Languages teacher called Mrs. McLeod. The group has already changed a lot of things around the school such as adding liquid waste bins,  new recycling bins, food waste bins and making the canteen staff use metal cutlery and real plates.

The group has also been on many trips to different places such as Iceland.  They have also introduced Dopper bottles in a rather successful effort to reduce the use of plastic bottles in school.  For a pupil in the Gordon Schools a bottle costs £5, for a member of staff it is £7.50 and for someone who is not part of the school it costs £10. 

The group also holds assemblies as a reminder to recycle.

Erasmus also very recently went round and visited most of TGS’s feeder schools (the primary schools), to educate the staff and pupils about plastic waste and how to reduce it. 

There is also a gardening group which tries increase bio – diversity, this year the group is hoping to grow a wildflower patch. which will hopefully attract more bees and birds. They have also made a bird feeder that hangs in the garden, which Is made out of a big plastic bottle and a piece that screws onto the part where the lid goes, then you fill it up and hang it in a tree. The group are planning on putting in a new bug hotel too. 

At an assembly last week Mr. Gaiter (the Rector) pointed out that The Gordon Schools is ahead of other secondary schools in Aberdeenshire in the way of recycling, he also said that Erasmus has helped save the school a lot of money. 

Written by Jack Humphries S1

The Christmas Dance

Last year the Christmas dance was a huge success many of the pupils came and it was great fun. Everyone danced and had a good laugh, some of the boys even got to dance with someone they liked!

Many of the teachers went to the dance as well and it was very funny to watch them dance with not only their colleagues but us as well!

This year the tickets were £8.00 and the dance took place on Tuesday the 18th December 2018. In order for us to know how to do the dances we are being taught all of the ones that we will be dancing to in P.E. Some of dances that we will be doing are: The Gay Gordons, The Canadian Barn Dance, Strip The Willow, The Military Two step and St. Bernards Waltz. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. It can also be a way to catch up with old friends.

 The junior dance usually lasts from 7:30 pm to 10:30pm and for the seniors it is usually from 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm. The junior event is for S1 to S3’s and the seniors event is for S4 to S6’s.


  • Mr Mitchell is a brilliant musician”
  • ” The atmosphere was great”
  • ” I loved hanging out”

By Iona Rogalski and Jack Humphries  S1

Lunchtime Computer Club

Computer Club is an lunchtime club that is based on doing homework or just enjoying playing games. There are lots of computers so many people can play together or play the same game but not together, you can do almost anything as long as it is appropriate for a school environment.

Anyone can go, but when Exams or Prelims (Practice – Exams) are on in the corridor it is closed for the people doing Exams as they need quiet to concentrate.

Computer club is very popular, so is on a first come, first served basis. There is no sign up so you can just walk in.

There are some obvious rules like don’t eat or drink near the computers or be too loud and don’t be disrespectful because the teacher supervising is choosing to do this they do not have to, so you should be grateful.

Written by Aiden Wilson S2

S1 Maths

In first year you get 4 periods of maths a week, whether you have double periods or not. Maths can be a big change from Primary but it is quite easy to get used to, and if you’re having difficulties your teacher will help you, all you have to do is ask. 

A first year student said “In first year you get to do some maths which is fun and some which is less so, but overall maths isn’t too bad, you just need to get used to it.” 

At The Gordon Schools there are lots of opportunities to take part in maths competitions; National Sumdog contests, Mangahigh competitions etc. 

At the beginning of first year all the first year students take part in a maths relay which you can win prizes from! Then in the second term there is a Christmas themed relay that anybody can enter with even better prizes!

“I really like maths because we have good teachers and we do a variety of different topics.”

In maths you will cover many subjects such as Numberwork, Algebra, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. At the end of most units you’ll do a test which contain 3 parts. Section A is the easiest, then section B and section C. 

“Maths at TGS is, on the whole, fun at points and can be quite difficult at others. But there is a nice balance between book work and activities”

Written by Kathryn Comber S1

S1 English

At the Gordon Schools there are 8 English teachers. You will either get 2 different English teachers or just one. Each pupil will get 4 english periods a week either with a double period (2 hours) or just a normal single period (around 1 hour).

In English pupils will have a class book which will be read aloud, either by a teacher or pupil, and you will do work on the book.

At TGS we use a program called Accelerated Reading. Accelerated Reading is where you read a book of your choice and once you finish it you will do a reading quiz on what happened in the book. Before you choose your first book you will take a star reading test, this is where you take a short literacy quiz which will evaluate your reading level so you can choose books that suit your reading ability/level.

S1 Opinions Of English 

What do people think of English at TGS? 

“It’s interesting, because…

What do you think of accelerated reading?” 

“It encourages me to read more because if you get 100% in one of the quizzes you get your name put on the English notice board”

What do you like about English? 

“I like the variety of topics in English, its prevents me from becoming bored.”

What’s your favorite part of English at TGS? 

“I like the personal reading that we have at the beginning of most English periods, it’s calming and you get to choose a book that suits your tastes.”

The Accelerated Reading Website, you can either take a quiz on a book that you’ve completed or find out your current reading level by taking a ‘star reader quiz’.


Written By Amalie Brown S1

Technical and Home Economics in S1

A day in the life of S1!

By Skye Sangster S1

In technical the S1s are doing various projects from the drawing boards to metalwork. They have lots of project which are a trinket box in woodwork, an acrylic key fob in metalwork, 3D CAD (computer aided design) and the drawing board in graphic communication, computer control in engineering science and compressed air in Pneumatics.

“Technical is great,”

– Robin

In home economics the S1s are doing three blocks. Two blocks of cooking and one block of sewing. In cooking the S1s are cooking lots of healthy meals and learning lots about hygiene. Some of these delicious meals are- coleslaw, vegetable risotto, cheese and potato bake and truffles! In the sewing block they are making a small pillow with a pattern or design of their choice.

“Home Economics is cool,”


In technical the some S1s are enjoying making things but aren’t so keen on the graphic communication. In Home Economics some S1s are enjoying eating the food we make 😉 but aren’t so keen on the injuries that come with it. 

Christmas Jumper Day 2018

This year’s Christmas jumper day was held on Friday the 14th December. The money that is raised is donated to Children in Need or other children charities. Last year we raised £300 which is a great total considering that each pupil wearing a Christmas jumper donated £1. Mr Fleetham said,” We donate the money because it is a nice thing to do for the children who are less fortunate than us.”

Christmas jumper day is a very festive way of raising money and many students enjoy taking part.

“It’s only a small donation but it goes a long way,” Jack Humpries explains.” I enjoyed wearing my Christmas T-shirt and I also liked seeing everybody else’s cool jumpers and accessories. I especially liked the baubles that were hanging from Mr Oliver’s beard!”



By Scout Knight S2

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We are a collection of S1 and S2 pupils who have been chosen to write about our journey through S1. This has been a great opportunity for us to write about our experiences past and present.  

We hope you enjoy what we have to say.

We will be writing about lots of different things including a day in the life S1, school events, lunchtime clubs, book reviews and even some trips!

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