PRELIMS – 13 Jan to 24 Jan 2020 inclusive…

Prelim Assembly for pupils

Letter to parents Nov 2019

The main prelim exam timetable was issued to pupils during w/b 9/12/19.  Pupils were instructed to see Mr Wright ASAP if exam clashes are observed in order to rearrange. The TT is available here

Timings of exams may differ for individual pupils depending on their exam arrangements.  All pupils will receive their personal timetable during w/b Monday 6 Jan 2020.

Assignments and ongoing Coursework etc…  

Assessment Calendar 2019-2020 The calendar indicates the S4-S6 assessment/ assignment dates.  It is important candidates manage their time effectively to ensure deadlines are met.

YOUR COURSEWORK 2019-2020  This booklet tells you what you need to know about your coursework.  It contains essential information and rules that you must read before you start producing your coursework, even if you have done coursework in previous years.  It is important that you understand the rules. They are there to make sure that coursework assessments are fair for everyone.  If you are not sure about the rules, speak to your teacher or lecturer. They will also be able to tell you what could happen if you break the rules.  You’ll also find lots more helpful information at www.sqa.org.uk/learners.

At first sight, the Scottish qualifications system might seem confusing.  SQA have developed their Guide to Scottish Qualifications leaflet to help everyone understand how qualifications fit together.

New National Qualifications – SQA Parents-Carers Guide

PRELIM – Revision Leaflets – Parent Information Evening 28th November 2019

Exam Preparation Evening Nov 2019 (002)


Kemnay parents 2019NEW

Study guide for parents on Health and Food Technology N4
Study guide for parents on N5 HOSPITALITY Cake Craft
revision guide N5 PC

Modern Languages
ML booklet_study guide for parents_2019 (1)

maths department revision leaflet dec 2019

Business & ICT
Faculty leaflet – Computing Science (002) 19-20
Faculty leaflet – Business Management (002) 19-20
Faculty leaflet – Admin and IT (002)
Faculty leaflet – Accounting (002) 19-20

Design & Technology
Fcaulty Guide – Art
Faculty Guide – Practical
Faculty Guide – Des Man

Nat4 5 H AH Physics Pupil and parent leaflet

Revision resoucre Higher PE


how can your library help you 
KA 25.11.19

Humanities and Citizenship Leaflet (002)





This year’s SQA examination results will be sent to your child on Tuesday 6 August 2019.   These results will arrive by first class post, and by text or e-mail from 8am if your child has registered for this service through My SQA.

The Post-Results Service operates for a short period starting on Tuesday 6 August 2019 and may be used by schools where a pupil’s grade is significantly different from that expected.  Based on the evidence the school holds about the pupil’s performance throughout the course, the school may request a clerical check and/or an SQA marking review.

  •  A clerical check is a check that all questions have been marked and all marks totalled correctly.
  • A marking review is where an SQA senior examiner will review the marks awarded to each question to ensure that the original marking is in line with national standards: the work will not be re-marked.

Please note that the decision to ask for a Post Results Service rests solely with the school.  In addition, as a result of a clerical check and/or marking review, the pupil’s grade may stay the same or be amended up or downTherefore,  the following criteria has been established to ensure equity and diligence in the process:

  • Candidate’s performance must be at least 2 bands below the school’s estimate.
  • Candidate must have performed consistently throughout the year to the school’s estimate.
  • Candidate evidence must be from a range of evidence (not just the prelim).
  • A request should not be submitted where there is a significant risk of a candidate’s grade going down.  i.e. the mark is close to the lower threshold of the grade boundary.
  • Request must be within the SQA’s submission window .

Once the decision has been taken to proceed with the request the pupil must give permission for this in writing.  There is a very short time frame for submitted requests to be with the SQA:

  • 16 August 2019 (for candidates with a conditional offer for college or university) PRIORITY REVIEWS
  • 27 August 2019 for all other candidates

It is important that parents understand that the school will not be able to submit alternative evidence, like course work or prelim examination evidence, to support its request for a review. Decisions about the grade awarded will be made solely on the pupil’s performance in the SQA examination.

Should you have any questions about your child’s results, when they arrive in August, you should contact Mr Wright, SQA Coordinator, in the first instance.  Mr Wright will be available on Results day at Kemnay Academy







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