S6 Induction Day – Wednesday 31st May

S6 Induction – Wednesday 31 May 2017 – Kemnay Academy

 As part of the transition to S6 pupils at Kemnay Academy are starting their year with an Induction Day.  This year the event will take place at Kemnay Academy and will involve several different activities throughout the day. The day is designed to highlight important aspects of returning to S6 and to allow pupils to enhance their communication, leadership and team building skills. Pupils who have an exam on Thursday 1 June are excused from the Induction day.  Information from the day can be collected from Mrs Hepburn.

Pupils are expected to –

 ·         Register at 8.30am with their reg teacher and make their way                 to the performance area after registration at 8.40am.

 ·         Wear full school uniform

 ·         Bring a change of clothing for the Team Building exercises and               Practical Activities

 The day will run from 8.40am to 3.15pm.

 The timetable is as follows:

8.40am -9.45am


(Registration information


Guest speaker – Brian Shanks

9.45am- 10.00am

Break time


Group 1 – Team Building(Army)

Group 2 – Work Experience/Volunteering Opportunities/Practical Exercise

11.30am – 1.00pm

Group 2 – Team Building(Army)

Group 1 – Work Experience/Volunteering Opportunities/Practical Exercise

1.00pm – 2.00pm


Sign up to AH courses

2.00pm – 3.15pm

Practical Activities/Library/Agreement/timetables

The year group will be split into 2 groups of approx.46 pupils and each group will attend 2 different activity sessions building on communication, leadership and team building skills.

 Any questions in relation to the Induction day for S6 should be directed through Mrs Hepburn.

S5 and S6 Pupil Induction Days

The S6 Induction Day is on Wednesday 31 May

The S5 Induction Day is on Thursday 1 June

Senior pupils involved in the following exams will be excused from their induction day:

31 May – Environmental Science, Psychology

1 June  – PE, Drama

2 June – German

All other pupils are expected in school for the whole day to take part in induction activities and receive their next session timetables.  School uniform must be worn, and S6 pupils are asked to bring a change of clothes for team building activities.

Any questions regarding the 2 induction days can be addressed to Mrs Hepburn or Mrs Stage

Young Scot Cards – update

Many pupils are still required to have their Young Scot Card updated to the new version. The new card has been in circulation since 2014, but many Young Scot Cardholders aged 15+ are without the new card.  The old card is easily identified as it does not have a “pink strip” across the date of birth. If there is no pink strip the young person needs to upgrade their card by visiting young.scot/upgradeThe information is also on the Aberdeenshire website. http://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/roads-and-travel/public-transport/concessionary-travel/young-persons-national-entitlement-card/.

Please encourage pupils to check their card to see if they require an update.