On the day!

On the day, tomorrow Tuesday 5th of March, we will make our reports. It is national BBC Young Reporter Day! We will interview people and use the green screen, we will be out of all of are class go to film and edit our news reports.


Our topic for our news report is about Huntly history and tourism. We chose this topic because we want to learn more about Huntly’s history. We interviewed people about the different historic things around Huntly.

KAL Broadcasting

Animal extinction is a huge problem globally and locally there’s many ways to prevent this unfortunate issue from wiping out our favorite animals. In Scotland wolves became extinct and many people think they should be reintroduced into wildlife but sadly there are a lot of problems with this that we need to consider. However even people in Aberdeenshire have ideas of how to help animals and their challenge to survive. Animals are becoming extinct because of pollution and many other problems caused by humanity but many of these problems are also caused by local predators. Much of this pollution is caused by our lack of good disposal of plastic. 

The Sea Dogs

Our topic is about the Pittodrie House Hotel we will be interviewing the chef of the hotel and our head teacher Mr Gaiter about what he thinks about the hotel and what the chef thinks about the school.