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Room 5MB make Baguettes and Crepes

Our topic is Europe.  Baguettes and Crepes are from France.  The yellow maths group had to find the recipes and work out how much it would cost to make both baguettes and crepes.

We learned how to use scales to weigh out the ingredients.  For the baguettes we made a dough first  and kneaded it before leaving it to prove.   We shared the dough into 4 parts and made baguette shapes.  We baked the dough in the oven.  We put an empty tray in the bottom of the oven with water in it to create steam.  This makes the crust crispy.

For the crepes we made a batter.  First we stirred with a spoon and then we whisked it.  We put some batter into a pan and let one side cook before turning it over.P3050044P3050045P3050043P2260023

Food for Thought Bootcamp

This is our school Food For Thought Blog.  Last session most classes shared their learning about food on this blog but this session has been a bit quiet so I thought we would try to use the bootcamp as a way to renergise it and get pupils blogging.  We are a split site school so the blog helps children across the school see what others are doing.