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Room 13 make dishes from the 50s and 60s

We have made 3 different dishes from the past. We made lentil soup for a starter, Cottage Pie for a main and Bread and Butter pudding for dessert.

We had to use sharp knifes for cutting vegetables, we had to use scales to measure ingredients, we had to make sure we did everything in time, we had to wash vegetables, we had to mix ingredients, we had to cook ingredients and make sure all surfaces and dishes are washed and clean.

It was good to get a responsibility to be trusted with using sharp knifes and cooking near hot ovens. These are quite easy to make at home.

We did some calculations after cooking our dishes and we found out that it is cheaper to make this than buying it from a supermarket. We also found that you know exactly what is in the homemade dishes whereas we didn’t know exactly what is in the shop-bought dishes.

Overall, we really enjoyed the experience and the dishes tasted good too!