P6 Room 8 make pizza for Room 5 P2.

We were learning about healthy eating so we decided to make healthy Pizza. We had to choose healthy ingredients so we visited Tesco to select them. We learned about the chillers and how food is preserved and visited the bakery to see how dough was made. On the day we were cooking, we washed our hands first. Then prepared our toppings. That included frying bacon, slicing peppers and slicing and rolling pepperoni. We bought cheese, chicken and pineapple already prepared. When we assembled our pizza we spread tomato purée on the bases, then we added grated cheese and finished them with the toppings. Some of us took them to the canteen to be cooked in the big ovens. When they were cooked we shared them with P2, Room 5. We tried them too and they were very tasty.

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  1. I enjoyed making our healthy pizza’s and i had a good time at Tesco and we all enjoyed it very much!I think we all enjoyed the bakery the most because we got to try lots of cookie’s and room 5 enjoyed them too and we had great fun it was a fun day!

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