Snow Day P4-7

The winter weather has struck, with the result that the road outside school is very icy, which means that we are closed.

Suggested activities for P4-7 pupils: You can choose 3 activities or complete them all.

Writing a review of your reading book so far. Focus on the characters, story, description and the feelings of each main character in your book. For those Reading Anne Frank: please write about how Anne is feeling.

Other reading groups: look over the last section of the book you have read and write 5 comprehension questions. Bring these questions into class so that other people in your group can answer them.

If you have supervised access to the internet you could research other books by the same author and write a persuasive paragraph about the story.

Maths: Practice your tables using the hit the button website or try and write all the times tables that you know as fast as you can. Time yourself and see how fast you can get. the more you do the more table blocks you may get!

Set yourself at least ten sums (they can be addition, subtraction, division or multiplication) and try and solve them. Table blocks for the harder sums like multiplication by 6,7,8 & 9 and also for any division sums where you have to carry or have remainders.

Using a ruler Draw a mixture of triangles, rectangles and squares to make a winter scene.

Art: Draw a winter scene involving a forest. You can depict animals in it. Don’t forget Owls.

Remember you can do Studyladder as well – but it only allows 3 activities a day!

Hopefully School will be open tomorrow (December 1st).

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