Forest School Event

On Saturday 9th September Banchory-Devenick Parent Council organised a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in the woods where we hold our regular Forest School sessions. This event was for under 5’s. Mrs Sutherland ran the Forest School session, with help from Miss Rynne. Thank you to everyone who attended and to all those who organised the event.

It stayed sunny.

Bears waiting at the school door.

Toasting marshmallows.

Blow on your marshmallow to cool it down.

Hunt the bears.


It was great fun!

Alec Caravan in P3/4 08/09/2017

Janice scanned a pupil’s chest so that we could see what it was like in their body. It came up on the screen and we could see the heart, lungs and all the ribs.

Alec Caravan came to see us today to speak about our bodies. We learned about the heart, lungs and the digestive system. We also learned about the effects of smoking. We saw Harald in the Diversity World theme park via a Spy cam. Harald also sang for us about diversity.