School Learning

Here are some of the topics we are currently covering in our classes

Daily Mile is getting longer as their wee feet are getting faster. Pupils are learning French at this time too.

Class topic is Space, learning about the sun, moon and stars before they think bigger and learn a little about the planets of the solar system. Mission time is when we break up our time in the classroom and recharge our brains ready to learn more! Each mission time has a different focus and happens around 12 noon and again at 2:30pm.

This term the pupils have all been enjoying learning and reciting Scottish Poems and doing very well.

In Health and Wellbeing they have been building core strength, stamina and developing techniques to improve performance.

We have almost completed our work on Africa and look forward to learning about famous Scots in History including Mary Queen of Scots.

P6/7 pupils are very excited about their next learning block. Working on a theme of dragons and the book “Tell me a Dragon” the class will continue to develop their creative writing skills with a focus on characterisation, setting and correct use of grammar such as speech marks and paragraphs. They will hear and read different texts, then make and use notes effectively to create a dragon tale. A class board will be developed with individual dragons on a large landscape with our shoe box landscapes on display for the whole school to see. Dragon passports, eggs, posters, newspaper articles and poetry will all be used to develop the storyline. Dance sessions will further develop descriptive areas. Collective nouns and links to personal emotions will also be explored. Chemical reactions will be investigated to
re-enforce correct note taking and develop prediction skills. The technological focus will be to create a dragon who’s mouth can move.

They are continuing with book club with the focus on spotting the author’s opinion in the dialogue and developing their reading out loud skills especially expression and tone.

In Numeracy and Mathematics they are extending their decimal work into fractions and percentages and applying the strategies in real life problems. The pupils will continue with mental maths strategies and focus on division/multiplication money problems. They are also looking at area, perimeter and time.

In French the class will look more closely at the family, reviewing the body, exploring personal characteristics and creating a written piece on a dragon character. Pupils will hold a dragon themed café later in the term and will be making dragon goods to sell as part of our enterprise work. We look forward to seeing you all there.