Fresh Start training complete!

Four of us from Montrose Academy were lucky enough to attend the Fresh Start course offered by the Ruth Miskin training programme. Angus Council arranged for representatives from primary and secondary schools within the area to take part in the two-day session.

Mrs Stewart and myself went along to see if we could offer the Fresh Start course for our BGE pupils. Throughout the programme we were continually shocked at how little those pupils whose reading ages were lower than 9, could make sense of .  I thought I understood what a child goes through if they are struggling to read or write but I really didn’t. The training made the frustrations and anxiety of such pupils very clear and at the end of day two, Mrs Stewart and I were utterly convinced that this was an intervention our school needs.  Mrs Stewart is very keen to become a Reading Leader and so we now plan to meet with SLT and SFL to see how we can bring this highly successful programme to the Academy for our pupils.


“We read to know we’re not alone.”
William Nicholson, Shadowlands