Staff 2018/ 2019

Management Team

Mrs Tough; Head Teacher, Mrs Allardice; Acting Depute Head Teacher, Mrs Carlin; Acting Principal Teacher, Miss Barrie; Acting Principal Teacher, Mrs Smith; Acting Principal Teacher



Class Teachers & Support Staff

P1 teachers Miss Feeney and Miss Coulthard, Mrs Whyte and Mrs Robertson

P2 teachers Miss Dewar, Miss Barrie and Miss Healey

P3 teachers Miss Watt and Miss Rioch

P4 teachers Mrs Brown and Mrs Fretwell

P5 teachers Mrs Smith, Mrs Allan and Miss Ferrie

P6 teachers Mrs Thompson, Mr Leith and Mrs Lee

P7 teachers Mr Grogan & Mrs Adamson

Nursery Staff

Clerical Officers; Mrs Aitken and Mrs Hutcheson SPSAs; Miss Doig, Mrs Woods, Miss Walker, Mrs Ross, Mrs Dalgarno, Mrs Symanczek, Mrs Kirton, Miss Goodwin, Mrs Smith and Miss Tavendale

Yellow Room; TBC

Red Room; TBC

Support teacher – Miss Ferguson

Green Room; TBC

Blue Room; Miss Thomson, Mrs Craske and Mrs Dalgarno

School Janitors – Mr Murray and Mr Connelly

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