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We have a mission to include all the students in the world of languages in our schools in Angus.  Language learning experience means to be connected to the world that has become more globalised. It is essential such approach to languages even when English is widely spoken around the globe and on the internet. The children enjoy the engagement with other cultures and countries.

The reality is that “we have an unlimited capacity for learning language” Learning in 2(+)Languages , 2005.



To be a learner of EAL (English as an Additional Language) in the class or a speaker of a language that is not represented elsewhere in the school can mean ‘an isolated learner’. It is also very challenging for the learners to catch up with their peers in social and academic aspects of the language. There is a variety of cognitive demands that might be required and incorporated in classroom tasks in order to enable them to develop the English language.

*Ensure that an EAL induction is organised for new arrivals.

*If possible, learn a few words in their first language and introduce words of greeting to the whole class.

*Display a ‘welcome’ board in both English and pupils’s first language.

*Prepare collaborative learning activities with visual aids. Collaborative Learning creates an EAL friendly classroom.

*Be aware that a pupil may be distressed. Seek for EAL support if necessary.