EAL Enrolment Guidelines

The following procedures are recommended to schools at the time of enrolment of a bilingual learner.  This information is designed to ensure effective communication between parents and schools.

*Refer the child to the EAL Team.

*Make arrangements for an interpreter to be present at the enrolment meeting, if necessary.

*Follow school admission procedures.

*Confirm the first language of the child and parents/carers.

*Request details of previous schooling and copies of any school reports, documents and/or certificates. This should include passports, inoculation records and details of hearing and eye tests.

*Request an estimated level of literacy in first language and in English.

*Gather information regarding dietary requirements and/or special health conditions.

*Register with local Doctor.

*Discuss preferred communication between school and parents/carers.

*Request information on any break in education and concerns.

*Request information on religious and cultural issues.

*Request information on any possible restrictions to school activities, e.g. festivities, celebrations, sports, visits, excursions, trips, etc.

*Request details of an emergency contact (English speaker such as friends, relatives, neighbours).

*Request information on the length of time in UK.

*Provide information on the school routine; when it starts and ends and lunch times.

*Provide information on attendance at classes and notification of absence.

*Provide information on lunch and snack arrangements.

*Provide information on collecting children.

*Provide information on school outings and the process of giving consent.

*Provide information on the ways in which parents are asked to support the school ethos.

*Provide information on ‘English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)’; these are free sessions available for adults within local CLD (Community Learning and Development).

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