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June 19, 2017
by Miss Stewart

Word of the Week!

Our Word of the Week is Pareidolia – Noun: The imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in considering the moon to have human features – Collins English Dictionary Do you ever see faces in inanimate objects? … Continue reading

Word of the Week!

April 27, 2017 by Miss Stewart | 0 comments


  • Be in or move into a sloping position, eg: ‘He leaned back in his chair’; incline from the perpendicular and rest for support against (something), eg: ‘a man was leaning against the wall


  • A deviation from the perpendicular; an inclination. Eg: ‘the vehicle has a definite lean to the left’

Phrasal Verbs

  • lean on

    Rely on or derive support from. ‘they have learned to lean on each other for support’; put pressure on (someone) to act in a certain way. ‘a determination not to allow the majority to lean on the minority’ 


  • (of a person or animal) thin, especially healthily so; having no superfluous fat.

    ‘his lean, muscular body’; ‘lean bacon’
    i) (of an industry or company) efficient and with no wastage:
    ‘staff were pruned, ostensibly to produce a leaner and fitter organization’
    ii) (of meat) containing little fat.
  • Offering little reward, substance, or nourishment; meagre. ‘the lean winter months’; ‘keep a small reserve to tide you over the lean years’

    Oxford Dictionary

 And let us not forget the latest motto of business lexicon,”lean in“; that’s to say, lexical shorthand for the act or process of a woman’s asserting herself in the workplace. 😀
Art credit: EC English

March 14, 2017
by Miss Stewart

Word of the Week!

filibuster ˈfɪlɪbʌstə/ noun: filibuster; plural noun: filibusters 1. an action such as prolonged speaking which obstructs progress in a legislative assembly in a way that does not technically contravene the required procedures. Synonyms: delaying tactics, stonewalling, procrastination, obstruction, delaying, blocking, … Continue reading

January 9, 2017
by Miss Stewart

Word of the Week

/ˈvʌɪəb(ə)l/  adjective – capable of working successfully; feasible. “the proposed investment was economically viable” Synonyms: workable, feasible, practicable, practical, applicable, usable, manageable, operable, operational, possible, within the bounds/realms of possibility, within reach, within reason, likely, achievable, attainable, accomplishable, realisable, reasonable, … Continue reading

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