Pupil Council Meeting 14/2/2020

Abbotswell Pupil Council

Minute of the meeting held at 9.45am on 14th February 2020

This is what we talked about:

All the Council members present signed the attendance sheet.

Attending the meeting were:

Mrs Brechin (staff member)

Nursery – Aaron Taylor

P1 rm 1 – Wiktoria Gilka

P1/2 rm 2 – Lexi Sutherland

P2 – Jax Morrice

P3 – Jessica Jaffrey

P3/4 – Amber Donaldson

P4 – Millar Robertson

P5 – Lee Hutchison

P5/6 – Freya Bews

P6 – Murron McPherson

P7 Kalina Stepien (absent)

P7 Ella Donaldson

Mrs Brechin welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Minutes of last meeting

Mrs Brechin read out the minutes of our last meeting and everyone agreed that they were correct.

£500 competition money – from the Evening Express

Today we were finding items on our list and pricing them. Each pair had an item to find and get two prices to compare.

Here are the items we had to find – dollies, Bouncy sausage, Art/craft things, Stationary/colouring book, train sets, Costumes, Teddies, Balls and Pencils/pens. The pupils where being very careful to look for the best deals!

The primary sevens then began to make up the order. When they are finished, they will give it to give to Mrs Douglas.

School aims

At our next meeting we will do a final check that the school aims have been placed in the correct area.

Meeting ended at 10.30 am

Next meeting will be on Friday 28th February at 9.45am

Mrs Brechin thanked everyone for coming today.

Minutes typed by Aaron Taylor  P7.




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