Week 4- Home Learning Highlights and Celebration of brilliant work!

Here are some of our highlights of Week 4 Home Learning.  We have been learning about how to collect, organise, display and interpret information using a range of graphs, tables and pie charts! We have also being focusing on poetry within writing, specifically this week writing Cinquains! You can see and listen to some of our poems below. P7 have been improving each and every week and our performance skills have also been improving.

Our new topic has been a big hit! We began this week by looking at Life Cycles and classification. It has been really interesting having so many scientific discussions during our Google Meets.

I am looking forward to week 5 to see more fantastic work!

Bobbies Data collection Murron’s Cinquain planAndrews Cinquain

Zaras Cinquain called Beaches

Jamies Samurai Warrior costume

Winter by Keegan.

Rachels Abstract Art

Keegan making pancakes Jamies Samurai warriorYasminas Frog Life Cycle

Rachels Cinquain – The Fam

Sophies Cinquain – Travel

Sophie’s doddle art inspired by her chosen art inspiration.

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