Term 3, Week 4

Hello everyone, well done to our Pupil of the Week Katarina!!

See below for next week’s grids and some examples of our class’s work for the week.

Happy Friday!

Home Learning Grid for next week:
Week 5: 08/02/2021 – 12/05/2021.

Abbotswell Primary School- P6

Literacy this week (you will use google docs and meets for these tasks):
Reading and Writing – We will be looking at Poetry: Free Verse and also doing some reading.

Monday: We will be reading and listening to some free verse and looking for things in them.

Tuesday: We will do some reading (Lewis Carroll poems) and task map quiz work.

Wednesday: We will work on speaking and listening by saying a free verse poem we have studied.

Thursday: You will have French literacy work to do.

Friday: We will write a free verse poem using our knowledge of free verse!

Spelling – On Mondays you will get your spelling words. On each day you should spend at least fifteen minutes learning your words. Each day there will be a spelling task, just like in class. There will be a test on Friday. Some of you will have Readingwise instead.

Numeracy: CLIC Targets
Counting: Partitioning 4dp numbers.
Learn Its: 8 and 9 times tables.
It’s Nothing New: Where’s Mully using 10 lots, smile multiplication and tables facts.
Calculation: 2 x 3 digit multiplication and showing our understanding of 2 x 2 digit multiplication.

You will have tasks each day for this job.

Maths topic – There will be maths Topic tasks (2d and 3d shapes) but not every day. This week we will look at parts of circles, triangles and shapes in our world.

Topic- Natural

We will be working on classification of living things, ecosystems, food webs and Venus for space.

Health and Wellbeing
Keep checking for online activities posted by Mrs. Forbes. These will be on Google Classroom throughout the week.

Mrs. Bradley has created a French task for you, it will be your Thursday literacy job. Please submit it when you are done.

Great Work of the Week: