CLIC for 14.12.20

C- Counting in 25s and 250s

Children will count together in steps of these numbers.

L- Times table challenges

Fast multiplication questions based on the questions the children complete on Fridays.

I- Coin multiplication

Multiplying numbers by 1,10, 100, 2, 20, 5 and 50.

C- Subtraction

Using column methods to subtract 3 digit numbers from other 3 digit numbers.

CLIC 7.12.20

C- 6, 7 and 8 x tables

Children counting in steps of these numbers both forwards and backwards, including starting from different places.

L- x table facts

Children quickly recalling times tables facts.

I- Smile Multiplication

Using multiplication facts to answer questions when the numbers are multiples of 10. For example, 30 x 40 , 50 x 5, etc.

C- 3 digit addition

Using the column method to answer addition questions. For example,

398 + 712


Big Maths Learn Its Challenge | Howells Cardiff

Using Digital Technology

Is that the new Netflix series everyone is talking about? Or is it the latest YouTube sensation?

No. Room 9 are being entertained by none other than Mrs Douglas. The children enjoyed our school assembly this week from the comfort of their own classroom. They’ve had to become accustomed to using Digital Technology¬† independently throughout the year and they are looking forward to contributing to our own online performance as part of the Showtime Topic.

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