School Closure – Working at Home

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you know, from Monday, Primary 3 will be doing their classwork at home for the foreseeable future. I have made a class forum on Google Classroom. Every day, I will be posting (differentiated) work for the children to do. It is important that they do this work every day. They can either do it as a Word document (typed) and post it on Google Classroom for me to read. Or they can send me photos of it. I will comment on the work that they have done.

I will be on Google Classroom every weekday from 9am – 12pm. I will also check it in the evenings. The children (or you) can write to me if you need help or if you have any questions.

Please find attached two documents from Mrs Walker giving you more information.

Thank you,

Miss Wilson

A Guide to Learning at Home Fernielea

Digital Delivery Policy Fernielea

P3 Easter Assembly – Hat/Bonnet Competition!

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you know, Primary 3 are doing an Easter Assembly on Friday 3rd April, to which you are all invited.

As part of this, I have given the class some additional homework, which I hope will be good fun – to make an Easter hat or bonnet.

All children will be wearing their hats during the assembly so it is important that everyone participates and that all hats are brought into school no later than Monday 30th March.

A prize will be given out for the four most creative and imaginative hats in the class (two prizes for girls and two prizes for boys). The prizes will be large chocolate Easter eggs! Mrs Walker and Mrs Fjellroth will be judging the hats during the assembly on Friday 3rd April and announcing the winners at the end of the day.

I have attached some photographs of typical Easter hats and bonnets below which you can use for some ideas. Alternatively, you can design your own.

Please note that you do not have to make a hat from scratch. Decorating existing hats is fine, as long as the children have been creative and have produced a hat that represents Easter in some way. The hat needs to be sturdy enough to stay on the child’s head throughout the assembly.

Thank you for your support – and have fun!

Miss Wilson


World Book Day!

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for all your effort and support for our World Book Day – the children looked fantastic in their costumes today and we all had great fun!

As mentioned in the reading logs, we are currently doing a new unit of work called ‘The Big Writing Adventure’. Every Thursday we will be writing a text based upon the work done in class that week. For this, your child will be asked to think about some ideas at home on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in preparation for their writing on Thursdays. In this, please talk to them about their ideas and help them to plan what they would like to write. They can make jottings or write a plan in their homework books, which they will be able to use in class.

Thank you for your support – it is very much appreciated.

Miss Wilson