Friday 26th March, 2021.

A very well deserved WELL DONE to all pupils this term for their hard work and efforts with Online Learning and the return to the school building.

Congratulations this week to Harry, our Pupil of the Week.

Congratulations to our Playground Star, Emmanuella.

Happy Birthday to Aila!

House Points Update:

1st Place: Ravenclaw 335

2nd Place: Slytherin 326

3rd Place: Hufflepuff 303

4th Place: Gryffindor 264

Monday 15th March, 2021

Welcome back Primary 4. I am so glad to see you all! 

CLIC Targets:

C: I can understand numbers to 20

(12+8=20; 9+11=20 and so on.)

L: I am developing my understanding of my 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

I: I can turn 1 digit + 1 digit numbers into multiples of 10.

(1+7=8> 10+70=80)

C: I can add a 2 digit tens number to another one.

(20 + 60= 80 and so on.)


Spelling Sounds: ‘y=ie’ and ‘aw’

Friday 5th March, 2021

Happy Friday!

Well done to our Playground Star, Harry!

Well done to our Pupil of the Week, Gabija!

We have had great fun, both in school and learning from home, celebrating World Book Day! Our class have been super creative!

In class we have made Hedwig Owls, Cat in the Hat, Crayon Puppets, Bookmarks, Masks and Book Cover Designs. We have been busy!

Have a lovely weekend!

Welcome back P3.

Welcome back Primary 3- we hope it won’t be too long before our classmates in Primary 4 return. Fingers crossed.

This week we’ve been settling back into our school routine.

We took part in Mr. Small’s Boot-camp and we were all working out together!

We worked as a whole group before splitting into pairs to do sit ups, torso twists and back extension work! Mr. Small made us do 60 squats also! We really did ‘feel the burn’.

We also enjoyed some Harry Potter Cosmic Yoga in class on our rainy day this week.