Roman Helmets

Primary 3 were very interested in Roman soldiers so just for fun we made some Roman helmets!  Everyone was very excited to wear them and take them home.


Roman Mosaic

This week we learned about Roman mosaic. The Romans used mosaic patterns to decorate floors. Mosaic was made out of stones and usually made a pattern or picture.

We  looked at examples of Roman mosaic and made our own colourful mosaic designs.


For topic Primary 3 are learning about the Romans. This week we explored Roman soldiers, what they wore and the weapons they had.

We have also been exploring emotions and different emotion words. Primary three designed their own Corona-coasters to show the range of emotions they have felt during lockdown.

World Book Day!

Today we celebrated World Book day! Primary 3 made some animal masks and we thought about different books with animals as the main characters.The masks looked fantastic! Take a look at the photos and see if you can guess who is behind each mask?

We also had some fun making origami bookmarks. This involved listening carefully to instructions and careful folding.