Mrs Dalziel and Mrs Rennie

May 14, 2019
by Mrs Rennie

Shape Hunt

Yesterday we went outside for maths. We have been learning about quadrilaterals so went to see how many we could find in the playground. It was tricky but the children did really well!

April 29, 2019
by Mrs Rennie

Quick Update 29.4.19

Today we continued learning about probability in maths. We have used a variety of activities and games to investigate the likelihood of events happening.


Today the pupils met with their ‘Book Club’ for the first time to share their reading homework and plan out their next tasks. This was really successful!

April 23, 2019
by Mrs Rennie

Duthie Park

We had a fabulous time at Duthie Park today! The pupils were given a very informative tour by the park rangers, they walked around The Winter Gardens exploring the different areas and had some time in the playground. A big thank you for all your help preparing the children for their day out and also to our parent helpers for coming along today.

Here are a few photos that I took today. There will be more to follow:



March 8, 2019
by Mrs Dalziel

World Book Day

World Book Day was a lot of fun this year. Thanks to all of  the children for bringing their favourite books from home. Here are some of the things we got up to –

We started the day really peacefully with a quiet reading session.

We had a scavenger hunt in the library looking for different pictures and words in books.

Primary 7’s came to our class and did a book quiz.

Hope you are all enjoying using Google Classroom. Literacy and numeracy homework is on there this week. Please let me know if you are having any problems with it.
Have a great weekend!



March 5, 2019
by Mrs Rennie

Magnet Mazes

This term 4D/R have been learning about magnets in science. We have learned that magnets exert forces on other magnets and magnetic materials.

Today the children worked in small groups to design a game in which magnets would be used to guide a paperclip through a maze. Once the games were complete, each group tried out the games created by their peers. The pupils had to work as a team and use communication skills to guide each other through the magnet mazes.

February 26, 2019
by Mrs Rennie

Quick Update 26/2/19

Last week, we went outside to do some maths work. We estimated how long it might take us to complete a range of short activities and then used the stopwatch feature on the iPads to time each other doing them.


Today we took part in a drama workshop as part of the Arts Across Learning Festival. It was lots of fun and allowed the children to use their imaginations, literacy skills and acting abilities.



February 22, 2019
by Mrs Dalziel

Update 22.2.19

Well done to the 4 girls that were rewarded at assembly today for their great work with Mrs Cox. They have been Yoga buddies to the younger children and Mrs Cox says they have been doing a fantastic job.

We have been learning about Scottish artists for topic this week. Our focus has been Steven Brown and children were looking at different pieces of his art and deciding if they like his work or not.  We found that 2/3 rds of the class did like his art.  Next, the children had to vote on their favourite painting out of 4 of Steven Brown’s most popular pieces. Finally, after being inspired by his style we have tried to create our own giraffe painting influenced by Steven Brown.
I am so pleased with the results and the children seemed really proud of their work.

We have created a Steven Brown wall display.

Lots has been going on in our maths groups this week.  Children have been problem solving with budgets and multiplying and dividing with money. We were making our own fraction wall puzzle and getting a friend to fit it together again. Groups are also focusing on division and multiplication tables.

I hope you are all managing to access Google Classroom at home and complete the simple homework challenge. The children have all used it in class and been shown how to get into the site so hopefully there shouldn’t be any problems but please let me know if there is.

Have a great weekend!

February 8, 2019
by Mrs Dalziel

Update 8.2.19

We were very lucky this week to have some Primary 7 pupils come to our class and help us learn how to use a new resource called Text Help. The children had great fun exploring this resource and the Primary 7’s are coming back next week to finish the lesson.

Following on from our lesson on the Christian Creation Story, we were finding out about the Jewish Creation Story this week and looking to see any similarities or differences between the two.  The follow up task involved pairs of children working together to create a poster highlighting one of the days in the Jewish Creation Story.

Last weeks homework task was really successful and allowed children to find out about Aberdeen in the past from family members or friends.  There was some really interesting facts shared between the children.

Before leaving today, children were thinking about what they wanted to add to our ‘What stuck with you this week?’  wall display.

Children took home their Learning Journeys to share with you.  Please feel free to comment in their books and return to school next week.  I hope you all have a great weekend and remember children are not back to school until Thursday.





February 1, 2019
by Mrs Dalziel

Update 1.2.19

Firstly, I want to say well done to all of the children, for doing so well with the Scottish Poems. They all did a really good job. It was really tricky to choose the 5 children that will go to Mrs Dalziel to say them again.

You might have heard children talking about our new topic for this term. We are having a history focus and looking at Aberdeen in the 20th Century. Children have been giving their ideas about what they would like to learn and find out about.  We had fun last week trying to organise photographs from the early, middle and late 1900’s. The themes were transport, buildings, people and toys. Children were also shown photographs of famous Scottish people from the 20th Century and had to try and name them and say why they were/are famous.




This week we were working on mapping skills and being able to mark off the countries in Britain on  a map. We then had to use an atlas to help us locate all of the Scottish cities, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean on our map.

In RME, we listened to the Christian Creation Story and had to complete a task about what happened on each of the 7 days. Over the next few weeks we are going to find out about The Creation story from other world religions and look for similarities and differences between them.

We have been working on our multiplication tables in maths.  It would be a great help if children could practise them regularly at home.  Some children are focusing on money and were discussing the difference between the goods and services that we pay for and the ways to look after and protect our money/valuables.  Children have also been focusing on chimney sums and borrowing in subtraction.

Have a great weekend!




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