Mrs Dalziel and Mrs Rennie

February 8, 2019
by Mrs Dalziel

Update 8.2.19

We were very lucky this week to have some Primary 7 pupils come to our class and help us learn how to use a new resource called Text Help. The children had great fun exploring this resource and the Primary 7’s are coming back next week to finish the lesson.

Following on from our lesson on the Christian Creation Story, we were finding out about the Jewish Creation Story this week and looking to see any similarities or differences between the two.  The follow up task involved pairs of children working together to create a poster highlighting one of the days in the Jewish Creation Story.

Last weeks homework task was really successful and allowed children to find out about Aberdeen in the past from family members or friends.  There was some really interesting facts shared between the children.

Before leaving today, children were thinking about what they wanted to add to our ‘What stuck with you this week?’  wall display.

Children took home their Learning Journeys to share with you.  Please feel free to comment in their books and return to school next week.  I hope you all have a great weekend and remember children are not back to school until Thursday.





February 1, 2019
by Mrs Dalziel

Update 1.2.19

Firstly, I want to say well done to all of the children, for doing so well with the Scottish Poems. They all did a really good job. It was really tricky to choose the 5 children that will go to Mrs Dalziel to say them again.

You might have heard children talking about our new topic for this term. We are having a history focus and looking at Aberdeen in the 20th Century. Children have been giving their ideas about what they would like to learn and find out about.  We had fun last week trying to organise photographs from the early, middle and late 1900’s. The themes were transport, buildings, people and toys. Children were also shown photographs of famous Scottish people from the 20th Century and had to try and name them and say why they were/are famous.




This week we were working on mapping skills and being able to mark off the countries in Britain on  a map. We then had to use an atlas to help us locate all of the Scottish cities, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean on our map.

In RME, we listened to the Christian Creation Story and had to complete a task about what happened on each of the 7 days. Over the next few weeks we are going to find out about The Creation story from other world religions and look for similarities and differences between them.

We have been working on our multiplication tables in maths.  It would be a great help if children could practise them regularly at home.  Some children are focusing on money and were discussing the difference between the goods and services that we pay for and the ways to look after and protect our money/valuables.  Children have also been focusing on chimney sums and borrowing in subtraction.

Have a great weekend!




January 20, 2019
by Mrs Dalziel

Update 19.1.19


P4DR have had a busy 2 weeks back after the holidays.

Following on from learning Doric with Mrs Rennie, we have been finding out about the famous Scot, Robert Burns.  Children have listened to some of his songs and poems and tried to translate the well known poems ‘A Red, Red Rose’ and ‘To a Mouse’.

For art, we drew a portrait of Robert Burns and they have all done a great job with their black line drawings.

To finish off our mini topic we had a Burns Supper.  Children listened to the famous poem ‘Address to a Haggis’ and some Scottish music whilst having some vegetarian haggis, neeps hand tatties.  It was actually quite popular and some children even wanted seconds!


We have been having a lot of fun in music, with a focus on rhythm and tempo.  Children were moving in time to the music and trying their best to sing in tune.  Children then used glockenspiels and followed a simple piece of music.

For homework, everyone has been given home a sheet with 6 different Scottish poems. Children need to choose one to learn and I will be listening to them reciting their poem to the class on Thursday or Friday.  I am really looking forward to listening to them. It is always good fun!


January 8, 2019
by Mrs Rennie

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! Welcome back to school.

Div ye ken ony Doric?

You might have been asked this question on Monday. This week we have started a mini topic on Scottish Language and Literature. The children have already learnt a wee bit of Doric and we will continue this next week too.

Here are some great examples of our work so far:

December 19, 2018
by Mrs Dalziel

We had our Christmas Party today and the children had a great time. Here are some photos of the afternoon.

Have a very Merry Christmas and see you all in 2019!

December 18, 2018
by Mrs Rennie

Lego Movies


Please check out the Lego Movies page on this blog (see Header) and view our movies.

Please feel free to leave a ‘review’ in the comments 🙂

November 26, 2018
by Mrs Rennie

Lights, Camera, Action!

Today we started using iMovie to test out some ideas for our Lego movies. We took still images, added them to a new project in the iMovie app and carefully edited the images to test out some of the features.

November 6, 2018
by Mrs Rennie

Lego Movies

This term as part of our Lego topic we are going to be learning about stop motion animation. Our aim is to eventually create our own Lego movies. Today the children have been coming up with ideas and working on storyboards to share with their peers.


I also had a special request from a group in problem solving today. They were very proud of their work and wanted me to take a picture for the blog!

November 2, 2018
by Mrs Dalziel

Update 2.11.18

Children have been completing a morning challenge when they come into school in the morning.  We have had a focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division this week.


In maths, groups have been working hard learning short multiplication sums, grid multiplication, chimney sums with carrying and using 100 squares to help complete sums to 100.




Our focus in Circle Time was being able to listen to each other. Children spoke to their friend about what they did in the holidays and then the friend shared with the class what they had been told.



Our new topic ‘Lego’ has gone down really well with the class.  Children had lots of fun using Lego to complete a variety of challenges –

* build a robot

* build a bridge

* build a skyscraper

* create your initial/name and age

* design and make a marble maze









Have a great weekend!



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