Mar 182014

Morning Nursery

We are learning about many different things because we have so many different interests.

Some of us have been learning about planting seeds and what plants need in order to grow strong and healthy. We have planted herbs, broad beans, and a variety of flowers. We have made some guesses about which broad bean will grow the tallest. When they start to grow, we will be measuring them and keeping track of their growth. Paired with this, the Red Nursery has read “Jack and the Beanstalk” and have compared the story to a song about “Jack and the Beanstalk.” We talked about the similarities and differences between the two versions of the story.

Before we started planting, we had been learning about clocks and time. Some of the children made sundials and learned how to use them outside. Some children have been using stopwatches to time different activities. A group of children made a big grandfather clock with Mrs. Cawson to reenact “Hickory Dickory Dock.” Some of the children are becoming familiar with o’clock times, knowing that the long hand points to the 12.

Afternoon Nursery

The children in the afternoon have been very interested in fire fighters. They have used tubes as hoses and have helped create a fire engine with cardboard boxes. The fire engine has just about seen its end as it has been very popular!

We have also been learning about bodies over the past few weeks. The children were interested in their stomachs, so we read books to find out how they work. Some children are now familiar with words like saliva, intestine, and esophagus! They were particularly interested in the fact that their food turns into poo!

We are now looking at how our bodies change and grow. We have asked you all to bring in a baby photo so we can compare the children now to when they were babies. We are going to be reading a book called “How Cells Make Me Grow” to learn about what exactly makes us grow bigger! 

To compare to how people grow, next term we are going to be taking care of caterpillars and investigating how they change into butterflies! We are all very excited about this learning opportunity! 

Class Bears

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Jan 252014

This week we introduced the children to the class bears. The Blue Nursery children are taking turns taking home Freddie and Fiona. The Red Nursery is taking turns taking home Sally. The Green Nursery is taking turns taking home Harry.

Each Friday, children will be selected to take home a bear for the weekend. You are encouraged to record what you do with the Class Bear in the Bear’s diary, which is included in the backpack you take home. Included in the backpack is also a story book, toothbrush, pyjamas, birth certificate, change of clothes, a letter to parents, and a list of the bag’s contents.

On the Monday, the Bears should be returned to Nursery and the children will get an opportunity to talk about what they did over the weekend.

Nov 232013

Currently, we are looking for some old blankets or cushions. We have an old shed in our garden and the children were keen to make it cosy to read books and cuddle up! If you have any old blankets or cushions around the house, please pop them into Nursery. We’d love to use them!

Remember that new library books are issued on Fridays and are due back to Nursery on Thursdays. We really hope that you enjoy reading with your child at home. A few of you have commented that your child has chosen the same book a couple of weeks in a row. Albeit monotonous for you, this repetitive behaviour is quite normal as children are becoming familiar with stories and reading. Memorizing favourite stories is a normal and perfect stepping stone to reading.

Learning Journeys

Nov 132013

This week in Nursery, we have been building spaceships, drawing pictures of our favourite instruments, sorting numbers, measuring feet, and keeping our friends healthy at the doctor’s clinic.

Remember, last week we started the Nursery library. New books are issued on Fridays and are to be returned to Nursery on Thursdays. Reading books with your child is a great way to spend time together and develop important literacy skills. While reading books together, ask questions, talk about the pictures, and you can even put on voices for the characters! Instilling a love for reading at a young age will set up your children for success while they are learning to read later on in Primary.

This Week in Nursery

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Oct 302013

This week in Nursery there have been a lot of changes. The layout is different as well as our pick-up routine. The children have had opportunities to share their ideas about what they would like to use each area for by contributing to mind maps facilitated by teachers.

As it’s Halloween on Thursday, we carved pumpkins and used the “guts” to make pumpkin soup!

Please remember to pick up your child between 11:20-11:30 in the morning, and between 2:50 and 3:00 in the afternoon. Morning Nursery, please be reminded to help your child tidy their activity before taking them home. We really appreciate your help with all the changes.

This Week in Nursery (AM)

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Sep 122013

This week in Nursery, we have been very busy. Recently, we began to brush our teeth when we first come in. It has been a great fresh way to start the day.

Some of us have been busy outside building dens and hide-aways. We like to use all kinds of materials to create our own spaces.

We have been talking about our birthdays and the months of the year. Some of us helped write out the months of the year. We have been getting our photos taken for the birthday wall so we remember when everyone’s birthday is!

We are continuing to practice each others names and how to line up. Sometimes it’s hard to stay in line, but we know we can do it with lots of practice.


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Jun 172013

It’s Monday and that means new homework!

Every week I expect pupils to take home their reading to read every evening. They are asked to write in their homework diaries which pages to read.

Each week the children receive a “Spelling Seasons” handout. They are to write their spelling words on the back to reference at home. They also to choose at least one activity from each Season to complete and colour in. Parents, make sure you sign the box at the bottom when the spelling homework is finished. Please make sure Spelling Homework is completed and handed in by Friday.

Finally the Primary 4 Blog!

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Jun 142013

Now that the school year is almost done, the blog is finally up! Better late than never, I suppose.

This term we have been very busy. Primary 4 met their new teacher – me – Mrs. Westacott. They have been fantastic at helping me settle into the school and class, showing me where things are, and keeping me right. They have fallen seamlessly into our routine and have shown me their ability to work hard.

In Reading, the children use Book Detectives to think more critically about what they’re reading. We meet together to have reading meetings to discuss our books and complete Book Detectives tasks.

In Numeracy this term, we have focussed on directions and co-ordinate grid systems. The children enjoyed finding objects at coordinate points, using maps, instructing each other using directional language, and creating pictures on co-ordinate planes.

The children are also working hard at their times tables. They are sometimes tricky, but they are working hard to learn them by using games, working out problems on whiteboards, reciting skip counting, and playing whole class games with me. Their new favourite game is called Two Hands. To play this game, all you need is one person to play with and both of your hands!

Here’s how to play:

Both players say “1, 2, 3, Go!” On “Go!” show a number on your fingers. The first player to multiply their number by the other player’s number gets a point. The first player with 20 points is the winner!

The class loves playing this game in partners and against me. So far, they haven’t been able to beat me, but with the progress they’re making, it won’t be long before they do!

To help with your child’s continued progress with learning their multiplication tables, you can play games together, use this site, or even this site.

Happy Friday!

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