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Term 4 Updates

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Jun 192014

This has sure been a busy term in the Nursery! We have visited the big playground, met our Primary 2 buddies, visited our Primary 1 classrooms, and met our new teachers! We have also gone to an assembly and enjoyed a successful Sports Day.

The afternoon Nursery has been busy with butterflies, snails, tadpoles, and all kinds of other creatures we’ve been interested in. Most of us can even tell you all about the life cycle of the butterfly.

Some dates for you to remember are:

26 June: Primary 1 Classroom Visit and playtime in the big playground.

27 June: Trip to Hazlehead Park for both Nurseries. Please show up at your normal Nursery time. The busses will be leaving shortly after. Parent volunteers, you will be able to come on the bus with us.

1 July: Graduation for all children. There will be a morning Nursery ceremony at 10am and an afternoon Nursery ceremony at 1:30pm.

4 July: Last day of Nursery!

Have a happy and safe summer. Remember to wear a hat and sun cream outside. Don’t spend all of your time inside, and we’ll see you when you come back on 19 August 2014.

Important Dates: Term 4

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May 302014

Term 4 is a very busy time while we get ready for the summer and Primary 1. Here are some important dates for your diary:

2 June-6 June: Health Week. You can wear sports clothes all week.

2 June: Red Nursery: Hockey; Blue Nursery: Athletics

2 June: Parents school tour for Primary 1. 9:15am

3 June: Green & Yellow Nursery: Dance

3 June: Primary 2/Pre-Schooler buddy photos

4 June: Nursery Sports Day. Parents are invited to join us at 10am.

5 June: Pre-Schoolers go outside with Primary 2 buddies.

6 June: Pre-Schoolers go to Assembly.

11 June: Primary 1 Induction Meeting for Parents. 10:15.

12 June: Buddy Playtime.

14 June: Family Fun Day.

17 June: Pre-Schoolers to visit Primary 1 classroom and meet teacher.

19 June: Buddy Playtime

20 June: Pre-Schoolers go to Assembly.

26 June: Pre-Schoolers visit Primary 1 class & teacher, and go out for playtime.

27 June: Hazlehead Park Trip

1 July: Graduation.

4 July: Last day of Nursery.


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May 012014

Please remember that we have an In-Service Day on 2 May and a Holiday on 5 May.

The Green Nursery has been taking care of caterpillars all week! We are keeping track of the caterpillars’ growth and counting how many days it takes for them to turn into chrysalises. They are getting very fat!

I’m afraid that the people at Lochinch Farm have neglected to get back to me about visiting and so we will not be able to go on a minibeast safari. We won’t let that get us down, though!

We have planned to go to Hazlehead Park for our year-end trip. Both Morning and Afternoon Nurseries will be able to attend the trip on 27th June. Letters with more details will be going out closer to the date.

This term we will be doing lots of things to prepare the pre-schoolers for Primary 1. This includes going out for play-time, visiting the dinner hall, and taking part in reading groups!

Term 4: Welcome Back!

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Apr 232014

Welcome back after the Easter Holidays!

We hope you all enjoyed your two weeks off, and got to spend lots of quality time together. We can see already from your Easter Holiday Loot Bags that a lot of you have been very busy! Keep bringing in your bags so we can hear all about your holiday.


Library will begin again this Friday 25th April. Please remember to bring books back to Nursery on Thursdays.

Learning Journeys

We have moved the Learning Journeys to another corner in the cloakroom, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want you to look at them! Please take the time to look through your child’s Learning Journey to see what they’ve been up to!


We have displayed the Nursery Floorbooks in the cloakroom as well. Please feel free to have a look at it to see the kinds of things your children have been learning.


Gym days are as follows: Red & Green are on Mondays; Yellow is on Wednesdays; Blue is on Tuesdays. Please make sure you have gym shoes to wear inside.


The Morning Nursery will be going to Duthie Park on Friday 9th May. If you would like to come with us, please let us know! We would love to have you join us. We will be learning about frog spawn.

The Afternoon Nursery will be going to Lochinch Farm on Loiriston Loch. The dates have yet to be confirmed, but we will let you know asap. We will be going on a Minibeast Safari and learning about butterflies. We will also be raising out own caterpillars in class. If you would like to join us on our trip, please speak to Mrs. Westacott.

Class Photos

Letters about class photos will be going out soon if you are interested in buying your own copy. The photos are available in Nursery for you to see.

Primary 1 Placement Letters

Some parents have been asking about Primary 1 placement letters. These will be going out to you soon. The office is still working on them and confirming dates for Primary 1 meetings.


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Apr 032014

I would like to say a big “Thank You” to everyone who came to our Easter Egg Social this morning. We thought it was a huge success. It is so nice to see parents in to engage with their children and with each other. Unfortunately, I am having issues with my iPad, so am unable to pop some photos on here for you to enjoy. When I figure out the problem, I’ll be sure to share.

Friday 4th April is the last day of term, and we will see you again on Tuesday 22nd April. Enjoy your two week break from Nursery, and we look forward to your return, feeling fresh and ready for a new term.

Mar 182014

Morning Nursery

We are learning about many different things because we have so many different interests.

Some of us have been learning about planting seeds and what plants need in order to grow strong and healthy. We have planted herbs, broad beans, and a variety of flowers. We have made some guesses about which broad bean will grow the tallest. When they start to grow, we will be measuring them and keeping track of their growth. Paired with this, the Red Nursery has read “Jack and the Beanstalk” and have compared the story to a song about “Jack and the Beanstalk.” We talked about the similarities and differences between the two versions of the story.

Before we started planting, we had been learning about clocks and time. Some of the children made sundials and learned how to use them outside. Some children have been using stopwatches to time different activities. A group of children made a big grandfather clock with Mrs. Cawson to reenact “Hickory Dickory Dock.” Some of the children are becoming familiar with o’clock times, knowing that the long hand points to the 12.

Afternoon Nursery

The children in the afternoon have been very interested in fire fighters. They have used tubes as hoses and have helped create a fire engine with cardboard boxes. The fire engine has just about seen its end as it has been very popular!

We have also been learning about bodies over the past few weeks. The children were interested in their stomachs, so we read books to find out how they work. Some children are now familiar with words like saliva, intestine, and esophagus! They were particularly interested in the fact that their food turns into poo!

We are now looking at how our bodies change and grow. We have asked you all to bring in a baby photo so we can compare the children now to when they were babies. We are going to be reading a book called “How Cells Make Me Grow” to learn about what exactly makes us grow bigger! 

To compare to how people grow, next term we are going to be taking care of caterpillars and investigating how they change into butterflies! We are all very excited about this learning opportunity! 

Weekly Picnic

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Mar 052014

Our Food Dudes is over and we are now starting our Weekly Picnics! Our Weekly Picnic days are Fridays. Please fill your child’s Food Dudes box that you recieved with a healthy snack and bring it in on Fridays. The children will be encouraged to talk to each other about what they brought and why they like the foods. It is an opportuntity for the children to continue their good progress with healthy eating, and to practice their listening and talking skills while sharing their thoughts.

If you haven’t received your Food Dudes box yet, please see your child’s teacher. They will be happy to provide one for you.

Here are some suggestions of what your could put in the box:

apples, pears, banana, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, peach, plum, blueberries, blackberries, kiwi, melon, pineapple, mango

broccoli, sweet corn, carrots, cucumber, corgette, peppers, snow peas, aubrigine, cauliflower, celery 

See you on Friday with your Food Dudes box!

Food Dudes

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Feb 252014

Well, we’ve almost made it to the end of the “intensive” phase of Food Dudes. Friday is the last day of our Food Dudes daily tastings. After this, it’s up to you to keep the process of healthy eating going at home. A letter will be going out this week to give more information about what happens next.

Katherine from the Food Dudes company will be joining us on Friday to give you some more information about the Weekly Picnics and what your responsibility is with them. She will be available to talk to at pick-up time at 11:20.

Upcoming Events

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Feb 152014

In the Morning Nursery, we are focussing on behaviour and feelings. As mentioned before, we have started using green sticker books that the children are keeping in their trays. They are intended to focus on the good behaviour the children are doing to celebrate and encourage good behaviour.

Miss Paisley, our HNC student, is doing a series of activities about the senses. The children are learning about scent, hearing, touch, sight, and taste.

In the Afternoon Nursery, we’re focussing on the body. The children have shown some interest in how their stomach works, the parts of the body, and using a variety of materials and sources to learn about these things.

On 6 March, we will be celebrating World Book Day. The children can dress in their pyjamas to celebrate, as that’s what you wear when you read Bedtime Stories. Each Nursery will also be working on their own class display to put up in the school about a favourite class book.

On 21 March, we will be taking part in Sport Relief. The children can bring in a £1 donation to the charity and dress in sports clothing. There will be sports activities taking place on the day as well.

The children are continuing to participate in Food Dudes. Our last day of the intensive phase of the programme is on the 28 February. After the intensive phase, we will be having a weekly picnic on Fridays. More information about this part of the programme will go out closer to the date.

Term 3 Update

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Feb 092014

School & Nursery Applications

All School and Nursery applications should have been submitted by now. If you have not submitted an application, please visit the main office to get the appropriate paperwork. Children who have turned 4 in January or February are eligible to apply for both School and Nursery. Please see your child’s teacher – Mrs. Westacott or Miss Fraser – for advice or questions about which choice would be most appropriate for your child.

Buggies & Scooters

Please do no leave buggies and scooters outside of the Nursery. They can get in the way, and we cannot guarantee their safety as this is a public area. Thank you for your cooperation.

Wow Board – Celebrating Achievements

We have added a new “Wow Board” just outside of the Nursery doors. We hope to use this board to celebrate the children’s accomplishments in and out of school. We want to encourage you as parents to add to this board to share any achievements your child has made. This could be reaching a new level in a class such as swimming, learning how to zip their jacket, or helping make a meal at home. You can add photos and a brief description of the accomplishment and put it up on the board.

Sticker Books – Praising Good Behaviour

The children in the Red and Blue Nurseries have each been given their own sticker book to keep in their tray. When children earn a sticker for various desirable behaviours, they can put it in their sticker book. Staff will write a brief note about why they earned their sticker. We encourage you to have a wee look at their achievements and praise them to continue reinforcing desirable behaviour both at home and in Nursery. Please make sure these sticker books don’t make their way home.

Library Books

Please remember that library books are to be brought back to Nursery on Thursdays. New books are issued on Fridays. Please take the time to read with your child at home. This is a special and important time you can spend together. Reading aloud to children helps develop vocabulary, imagination, print awareness, attention span, and social skills. These are all great skills to development as your children get ready to start school.

Learning Journeys

The children’s Learning Journeys are displayed in the cloakroom on bookshelves. We want to encourage you all to take a few minutes to look at your child’s Learning Journey to see what they have been up to in Nursery. We also want to welcome you to add to them. You can add photos, drawings, dialogue, or a wee note to tell what your child has done at home. We want to get a clear, well rounded picture of your child represented in their Learning Journeys. If we can get you to add to them too, this will help accomplish our goal.

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