Clay Work

During this term we have been experimenting using different creative materials. One of these was clay. We really enjoyed getting to create different shapes.

We were challenged to create an animal, a boat, and then we worked in groups to create a scene for a movie.

We finally created a clay coil pot.  We found that we had to make sure our clay wasn’t too thin otherwise when it dried it would break.  The clay was difficult to work with, it dried really quickly when we were working with it.



Term 4 Newsletter

Attached is the P5/6 newsletter. Please have a read to see what we will be learning  this term.

p56 newsletter term 4

University of Aberdeen Special Collections Library Visit

On Thursday P5/6 took a trip to the University of Aberdeen to extend their knowledge about Jacobites.

We were lucky to be shown a letter written by Bonnie Prince Charlie. He was writing about a money box and buying a carriage.

We were listened to the story of the Rout of Moy. We used a technique called a freeze frame to create stills of different parts of the story.


This is a picture of Lord Louden and another of Lady Anne Mackintosh.


We knew about Jacobites wearing white cockades on their bonnets as we created some in class, however, Sarah showed us up to make one a different way using paper in an origami style.

Science in P5/6

This week in Science, Primary 5/6 have been exploring how electricity works.

We learned about the different symbols that represent different parts within the circuit. We used this knowledge to help us when we were set challenges to design different circuits using, bulbs, batteries and wires.  Some also had a switch.

We can also draw a circuit for others to create using our symbols.

Pittodrie Stadium Tour

Today P5/6 had an amazing experience when we went to Pittodrie Stadium Tour as part of our learning about football from Red Start who are a football based initiative part of Aberdeen FC Community project.

We found out about how different part of the football organisation is run and also visited different areas within the ground. We visited the home changing room, bumping into Jayden Stockley.


We went into the boot room. It was really smelly!

img_16031 img_16041 img_16051

We headed down to pitch side where we learned the names of the 4 stands:

  • Merkland Stand
  • Main Stand
  • South Stand
  • Richard Donald Stand

We got to sit in the dug out, hoping to make the team.

img_16191 img_16071 img_16161 img_16141 img_16131 img_16091 img_16081


We got involved in one of the clubs other community project which helps the older generation stay fit and healthy. The ladies and gentlemen were very happy to show the pupils how to use the various machines.

img_16311 img_16251 img_16261 img_16281

Our guide Alex told us many stories about ‘The Greatest Ever Aberdeen FC Team, managed by Sir Alex Ferguson.


In the Press Room, Aberdeen FC got a new manager, sacked him and brought in a new one in a matter of minutes. They were quickly put under the spot light, with many questions being asked.

img_16581   img_16671 img_16691

They also recruited a star signing.  The expectations of this star were high.

“What do you think you could bring to the club”


Lots of fun was had by all. Many are hoping to go to the Aberdeen FC v Ross County Match this weekend.



More pictures of the day to follow.

Google Expeditions!!

Classes at Fernielea had the chance to try out an amazing resource called Google Expeditions.

Using technology, Google Expeditions goggles and a smartphone, we were able to explore places around the world that we may never get to see. It was enjoyed by all. There were many questions and wanting to explore many places. We looked at the New 7 Wonders of the World, Volcanoes, The Great Barrier Reef and The Moon.

Have a look at this website which will provide even more information and show Google Expeditions in action!


img_16771 img_16761 img_16811 img_16781 img_16791 img_16831 img_16801 img_16821


Community Visit to SummerHill House

P5/6 went for a visit to Summerhill House to celebrate Burns Day.

We had been learning ‘The Skye Boat Song’ in Music and thought it would be nice to share this with the residents. Many joined in with the singing.

img_1562 img_1564 img_1566

Two girls in our class take part in weekly Highland dancing lessons. They performed the Sword Dance. The residents were really impressed.

img_1572 img_1579  img_1575

In school we are tasked with learning a Scottish Poem. Some shared ‘The Chase’ poem about Jacobite’s. While others shared ‘Up in the morning early’ By Robert Burns.

img_1571 img_1568


img_1587 img_1582 img_1586 img_1584 img_1583


This week P5/6 learnt about friction and air resistance in our science class, including an experiment testing air resistance. We made parachutes and tested to see if size made a difference to how long it took for the parachute to fall to the goal. The pupils had different roles, helping to ensure a fair test: A dropper A timer (using a stopwatch) A recorder

img_1429 img_1431  image-1

We have also been looking at buoyancy. As a class we made an origami boat out of paper. We were them tasked with creating a boat of our own using basic materials: Tin foil Card Pipe cleaners Sellotape Felt To test their buoyancy we placed them in a tray of water and tested to see how many marbles it could hold before it sunk. We ran out of marbles for some as they were made so well. We used rubbers as a substitution.

img_1589 img_1593 img_1599 img_1598 img_1597 img_1552 img_1549 img_1550


When a Jacobite came to visit

This month a Jacobite came for a visit to Fernielea! He told us about different events which took place during the Jacobite era.

img_1462 img_1455 img_1460 img_1457 img_1456

It was exciting to find out a way that we can remember the different James’ for Scotland and England .

James VI ( Scotland) James I (England)

James VII (Scotland) James II (England)

James VII (Scotland) James III (England)

The number of ‘I’ in Scotland is the same for the number for England.

We got to dress up as a Jacobite in a Filamore – The great kilt. This was plaid.

img_1487 img_1488 img_1496 img_1498 img_1499 img_1501 img_1503img_1513

We learned that Jacobites wore a white cockade on their blue hats to identify themselves while on the battle field.

One of the boys in our class also dressed up as a Redcoat. They have a red coat and their hat is different from the one worn by a Jacobite. It is black and has three points.

img_1518  img_1516

img_1527 img_1526

It got really exciting when John the Jacobite brought out the different weapons used by the Jacobites.

We learned about the Clamore sword, the Loch Abber Axe, the Brown Best Musket, Bayonet, Durk Sword, Basket Hilted Sword ( This was named this due to the basket shape around the handle to protect the users hands) and the cannon balls and shields.

img_1466 img_1467 img_1469 img_1475 img_1480 img_1485 img_1486

After learning about the weapons we got to hold them. We had to be careful as some were very heavy and sharp.

img_1528 img_1529 img_1531 img_1532 img_1533 img_1539 img_1541

Term 3 Newsletter

Welcome back.

Please find our Primary 5/6 newsletter for term 3


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