Nature Group- bird food

This week for pupil voice groups the nature group made bird food using melted lard mixed with birdseed and used cutters to make them fun shapes. Primary 2/3 then helped with spreading the seeds around in the playground to  help feed the birds. They smelt yucky and we were worried the seagulls were coming to get us! Hopefully the birds and small animals will enjoy them!



Apardion had a very eventful Tuesday!!!! When Miss Munro went for her snack a thief stole Apardion and left a note with some clues.  We used the clues and went investigating! Apardion was found safe and sound in P6 learning about Victorians. What a monkey that Mrs Leslie is!

We used this as inspiration for our newspaper report.

Apardion leaflets



Last week we explored the world of leaflets and finding information. We looked at examples of leaflets before creating our own. We used a survey of our favourite Aberdeen landmarks to decide what to write about. We decided to write about Provost Skene House. We used the information we already knew and added that to our leaflet. Later in the day we learnt how to do a google search for a website with more information and watched a video. We found out some facts that matched with Primary 5’s topic. When our leaflets were complete we went to visit Primary 5 to share our facts and ask them to complete a short survey with us. We found out how many children had visitors the landmarks in the story and asked them some questions about their topic. It was very exciting to visit them! 


World book day



We have had a fantastic day in P2/3 for world book day! On Tuesday we wrote a story about Apardion and his adventure to visit the art gallery.  We have used laptops this week to edit and type up our stories. Today we used the laptops to draw pictures to go with our stories and turned them into our very own book!

We also enjoyed being dressed up in our PJ’s and costumes, reading stories and going to the book swap.

We read a story about a kind giant and thought of kind words we could use in our class. We then completed a book review for the story and made kindness crowns.

What a busy day!

Golden table triumph!

Primary 2/3 caused a storm today when all golden tickets came out for us! Woohoo!

Summerhill care home

Today we walked to Summerhill care home to visit the people who live there. We sang flower of Scotland, recited our poem and shared our stories with them. One of them told us they were 95 years old! One of them had been in the army and one had children who used to come to Fernielea.

Active Literacy Wednesday

The children love engaging with active literacy stations on a Wednesday. Each week the stations may change slightly.

Station 1- Teacher led- they discuss their old book  and may receive a new reading book. They then read with their group and discuss the title/characters/settings/main events.

Station 2- PSA led -they use magnetic boards to match the alphabet. They then say/make/blend/read their spelling words before creating their own sentences using their words or writing a dictated sentence.

Station 3- Partner work-The children can choose a game board to practice their common words ( my, she, come, into, some etc.) These words are used within their reading and writing everyday.

Station 4 – Independent- Handwriting & Elkonin boxes. The children use the Elkonin boxes to split their words into its different sounds. For example: play  (p) (l) (ay).

The children love the short, focused activity stations and having protected time with two adults for support.


Today some of the Primary 6’s came to help us with our profiles, helping us to write what we have been learning about this week. They then helped us to set targets for Literacy, Numeracy, Health & Wellbeing and a personal target for the term ahead. The children enjoy working together with their partner class and the Primary 6 children were very helpful and responsible!




Scots poem and Song

Please continue to learn our Scots Poem – “The Auld Wifie fa bade in a Beet”  and ” Flower of Scotland” for the Burns Day celebrations.

The Aul Wifie  Fa Bade in a Beet by Charles Birnie

There wis an aul wifie

Fa bade in a beet

Her smarrich o bairns

Made the peer craitur greet.

They  widna tak milk

They widna tak breid

Sae she gied them a skelp

on their luggies instead

Class Newsletter Term 3

class-newsletter Term 3

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