Term 2 – Weeks 2 & 3

Anti Bullying Week 2018

The videos that we  watched were very informative of the dangers of bulling we could decide what happens next in the interactive video and we voted what we thought was best for the boy who was being bullied.

Text Help Training

Recently we have got text help training from our classmates.

From Kirstin, Cooper and Alistair we learned cool and quick tricks to help our reading and writing on the computer they did a great job helping us, well done to them!


In french we recently we have been drawing some posters and describing the drawings.

For example some were sportif dangereurx and bete. Also we have been doing some really cool word searches in french that took a lot of thinking.


We have been recently been learning Christmas songs and learning beats and rests. Also we have been learning different notes like soh and lah.


Recently we have been doing fitness week with miss macrae we’ve been doing circuits to build up stamina and endurance some were more tiring then others.


In writing we have been making anti bullying raps we watched  an anti bully rap that gave us inspiration

and ideas some of them were very good and informative.


Written by Harrison and David B

Term 2 – Week 1

The first week back from the the October holidays we learnt about…

      WWI, As a mini two week long topic we decided to learn about WWI in celebration of the 100th                 anniversary of its end, here’s a  short amount of what we’ve learnt so far.

Weapons, we learnt about many weapons that were used and developed during WWI. These include:

MG’s, Riffles, Artillery Guns, Clubs, and Flame Throwers.

Life on the front line, For soldiers that were in the trenches, living there was hardly suitable for any     solider’s to bare, the food was barely edible and each solider lived in constant fear of losing their lives.       flooding was a serious threat as solider’s could develop “Trench Foot” where your foot begins to rot           away.

Letters, we wrote letters pretending we were soldiers in the trenches to our family’s. we highlighted what would have been scored out with a black marker.

PE, in PE this week we did a beep test to test our fitness, we will soon be retaking it to see our improvements.

Coding, In ICT we did coding and tested our computing skills and concentration towards detail in code.

Spooky Stories, we wrote scary descriptive stories of a haunted house/castle in celebration of Halloween.

Class Novel, for our class novel we are reading the Nowhere Emporium about a orphaned boy who stumble’s upon a shop that he returns to later on… but nobody else does…

Looking forward to week 2 we are always ready to learn, Bye!


By Jessica and Keira

World War One

For the next two weeks our IDL topic focus will be WW1. We kicked off our mini-topic by looking at what we think we know about the first World War and we discussed what we would like to learn about in class. This year marks one hundred years since the war ended so it is perfect timing to investigate what actually happened and why it is so important that we pay remembrance to those who lost their lives.


Mr Thomson

Grow a Fiver

Well done to everyone who engaged so enthusiastically with our ‘Grow a Fiver’ enterprise project! This year P7 pupils had an extra challenge as they had to plan, create and sell a product or service and take into account social, economic and environmental factors. This year pupils also has significantly less time to prepare for selling compared to previous years, however, they still managed to raise a whopping £2,449.50! Some of the money raised will go towards the P7 residential trip to Dalguise in May 2019. Congratulations everyone – I think this will be a topic to remember!