Final term – here comes the summer!

We have had a great time during our final term of P6/7! Our topic this term has been Farming, Fishing and Food and we have learned lots about the different kinds of farming and fishing as well as about food labelling, healthy eating and the eat well plate.

P7 pupils put on an amazing performance of ‘Goodbye My Friend’ and the P6 pupils were very helpful acting as the choir.

P7 pupils have enjoyed many visits to Harlaw in preparation for next year. Our P6 pupils had fun at the end of the day today researching facts about the EU Referendum while P7 pupils were away on a secondary school transition day.

Everyone in P6/7 is looking forward to enjoying the summer before the next school year! image image image

P7 Ski Trip!

Last week, all of our P7 pupils went on a fantastic trip to Glenshee ski centre. We all had so much fun with our instructors during the day and embarking on lots of different activities in the evenings! Every day we were learning different skills to improve our skiing ability. Evening activities included a night wander under the stars, scary ghost stories, a dvd night, a trip into Braemar and a party! The trip was absolutely brilliant! For more details and photos, visit the P7 blog. image


Happy Pancake Tuesday! :)

Also known as ‘Shrove Tuesday’, this Tuesday the ninth of February 2016 is a day all about enjoying delicious pancakes, with as many different toppings as you like! Yay! Shrove Tuesday traditionally gets its name from the word “shrive”, which means to “absolve”.  This was because in the past, Christians went to confession before enduring 40 days of Lent where they were only meant to eat plain food – no treats allowed! The pancakes were a final treat before the fasting period of Lent began. Shrove Tuesday is also known as “Mardi Gras” which is the French term for “Fat Tuesday”.  In Iceland the day is known as Sprengidagur (Bursting Day) and is marked by eating salted meat and peas. In Sweden the day is called Fettisdagen (Fat Tuesday) and is generally celebrated by eating a type of pastry called semla. In Hungary and the Hungarian-speaking territories it is called Húshagyókedd (literally the Tuesday leaving the meat) and in certain more traditional regions it is celebrated by dressing up in home-made costumes, especially kids, and visiting the neighbours. Today we all got to taste a little bit of pancake with golden syrup if we wished – lucky us, they were yummy! Here is a recipe for Chocolate Chip pancakes that we got to take home if we wanted to try it out for ourselves. Happy eating!






Abergeldie Castle during the floods!

We created our interpretations of of the floods at Abergeldie Castle with Miss O’ Flynn.  Abergeldie Castle had been featured on the news recently as it looked like this historical building might collapse into the river. We began our art by drawing out the main structure and lines of the landscape of the building. We then used water and paint and used different brush techniques to add variety to our paintings. Mr. Carter came into our classroom and asked if we would show off our artwork in assembly that day, so we did! It was lots of fun.

Blog post by Ola and Rochelle.












Wild Art Exhibition

On Wednesday the thirteenth of January 2016, we were welcomed into Room 19 to see the Primary 3’s wildlife art! The room 19 children had gone to The Woodies to collect sticks, leaves, pine cones, conkers and moss for their art. Room 19 was then transformed into a wildlife exhibition! Everyone’s wildlife art was amazing. It was so nice to spend a few minutes looking at their work and giving them positive feedback!

Blog Post by Rochelle, Noah and Liam







2016 is here!

As part of our New Year celebrations we wrote about our new year resolutions and then created new year haiku poetry, which we found VERY enjoyable! 🙂 We used paint to make our haiku creations. They were really bright and colourful! To write a haiku, we had to have 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line and then 5 syllables for the third line.

Happy New Year everyone!


Blog post by Rochelle and Emily


image image

Christmas Party!

Just before the holidays we had a Christmas party on Thursday 17th of December. To get the party started we joined together in the gym hall with the other P6 class. We did lots of Scottish country dancing with Mr. Hewitt and Miss O’ Flynn – it was tiring! Afterwards we went back to our classroom and had loads of nice food while listening to Christmas songs. When we were finished eating we went to the G.P Room and played musical statues and pass the parcel. I didn’t win anything but it was still lots of fun and I had a great time.

Blog post by Isla and Molly


Holburn Church Torchlight Service

Mrs. Grey came into the school to practise singing Christmas songs with us.  We practised from the middle of the term until the 8th of December. My favourite song was Now Our Story Has Been Told but we also sang Herod at the torchlight service. There were several soloists as well as the choir and everyone tried their best during rehearsals and on the night.

Blog post by Lewis


We loved doing the Enterprise game in school!  We all got to work in teams and had to use our brains in order to have the best company and make the most profit.  We designed the webpages for our companies which were meant to sell t-shirts! We learned a lot about money and how to run a business. It was a fun competition as a class.

Blog post by Faris

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